Basic Guide to Money

Guide to money

Money is something that affects us all. Although it’s abstract; nothing more than a promise from one person to another, money is one of the biggest and oldest causes of stress the world over. Being smart with money is about having goals, and sticking to them as best you can. Remember, you won't get it right every day, we all make mistakes. You just want to be right more often than not.

  • Get rid of credit cards. Unfortunately, credit cards are like cocaine- the more you use them, the more you need them. Your first goal should be to cut up your credit cards and stop using them. Keep one in a drawer for an emergency. Try and rearrange your credit card debt to get the lowest possible rate. Contact the card company if you’re struggling to pay- they may give you a break.
  • Live smarter. Reduce the wastage in your life. Keep your tires inflated, your house insulated, your heating off when you don’t need it- don’t waste money for nothing.
  • Less is more. When faced with a buying decision, ask yourself- do I really need it? If you didn’t buy it for 30 days, would you forget about it?
  • Shop clever. Charity shops, coupons, online discounts, local farmers markets. ConsumerFu has tons of ideas.
  • Buy a house - if you can. You’ll always be paying a mortgage, the only question is whether it’s your own. A mortgage is like a massive savings account; start early and one day you’ll live in a house that you no longer pay for.
  • Save a regular amount every month. It adds up fast. Use a CD account.
  • Quit expensive habits. Not just smoking. A Starbucks coffee is $2.20- one for every work day is almost $600 a year. Get out of the habit.
  • Money isn’t everything. There are lot of things money can’t fix- relationships, loneliness and your general health. Focus on what’s really important in life.

Valuable Information

Your advice is very valuable. If more people followed this advice they would be better off. Credit cards, student loans, personal loans, and even car payments can keep us on edge; especially if we are having problems making the payments. The sooner we pay things off, the better off we are. The road to freedom is the road that we walk where we spend far less than we make and save as much as we can. Thanks for the article.

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