Cheap Gift Ideas

There comes a time for all of us when you want to buy that special someone a gift, but you can not afford to. There are plenty of cheap and even free presents to give if you do not have the extra money to spend. Remember the saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Here are a few ideas that are thoughtful and thrifty.

-Create a photo album or scrapbook, from pictures you have around the house. I have made beautiful scrapbooks that my friends and family love. I used pictures I already had, scrap paper, tape/glue stick, stickers, and markers to decorate the album.

-Make a recipe book that contains your favorite meals. Buy a notebook from the dollar store and neatly write out your favorite recipes.

-Create a journal for someone to write or draw in. Buy a cheap notebook and decorate the outside. Sometimes I use old magazines to create a collage on the cover and back of the notepad.

-Make jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Beads, string, embroidery floss, etc., can be bought for only a few dollars. There are many great homemade jewelry ideas online if you need some inspiration.

-Save money by making your own card for any occasion. Take the time to include a meaningful message on the inside.

-Create a book full of personal gift cards for someone, promising to do future errands for them as needed. Ideas for personal I.O.U’s include cleaning, babysitting, yard work, give a massage, cook a free meal etc.

-Burn a CD compiled with someone’s favorite songs. Choose favorite songs that they enjoy or that mean something to both of you.

– Wrap up an old book that you enjoy and have sitting on the shelf. Most people that like to read would not mind receiving a used book.

-Burn a DVD with meaningful pictures. Create a slideshow using old and recent pictures. This is a great way to preserve memories.

-Knit or crochet a blanket, hat, purse etc. Someone made me a quilt out of my old childhood t shirts, and I loved it!

These are just a few ideas for those low on funds, that would like to give someone a present. What are your cheap gift ideas?