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Name Brand vs Store Brand

Do you think it is better to buy store brand products opposed to name brand because it is cheaper? Do you think you can get the same quality from a store brand compared to a name brand?

When choosing food products I always go for supermarket own label brands. Most of them have value ranges too, which are even cheaper. I don't find too much difference in quality, for example, between Heinz canned foods and a supermarket label canned food.

The reason why supermarkets can sell their own label foods for less is because they don't have to spend money on advertising their own products in the same way that a company like Heinz will promote individual products.

The same must also apply to non-food items.

I choose store brand products also. I think some people get the misconception that store brand is worse in quality than name brand. I have brought store brand items, usually food that has ended up having more flavor and taste than name brands. Store brands are cheaper. It is an easy choice.

I buy store brands for food items. For cleaning supplies I will sometimes still splurge and stick with the name brands. A lot of the off brand or store brand stuff is often watered down so you need to use more of it - so you're not really saving any money.

As a couponer, best price is my bottom line. This means that very often, I'm getting name brand items for cheaper than store brands, simply because high value coupons are available.

That said, I'm not against buying store brand whenever it is cheaper. My local grocery store gives a percentage of all their store-brand sales to a school which I can choose to set up through my loyalty card. I always like seeing on the bottom of my receipt how much of my bill was donated to my kids' school, so that is one incentive to buy store brand.

We also shop regularly at Aldi, which mainly only has its own brand. There are some things we actually prefer from Aldi to any other grocery store, like their cottage cheese. Something about it. We can't eat cottage cheese from anywhere else. I also buy their oatmeal, grits, rice, and spaghetti sauce. The first three because it is the best price no matter what coupons I have, and the last because I like the way it tastes better than Ragu or Preggo.

I tend to find store brand food stuff bland when it comes to taste Other things may be fine to purchase. Such as detergent and bleach.

I buy my items according to how much quality is important to me when it comes to choosing generic and branded ones. For example, I don't really care that much about tissue paper, so I'm prepared to get the cheapest quality for it. But when it comes to food items, like hotdogs and noodles, I'd prefer just to get brands with the quality I've grown accustomed to.

Yeah i can agree with that. When i am looking for something that i don;t normally use all that much, i will definitely go for the cheapest price.

Glad you agree. As with most things, a mixture of methods turn out to be the best choice, and it all depends on the consumer anyway. There are those that don't have a problem with generic brand for any item, so they just get to save a lot more than me I guess.

I agree with clairebeautiful. When I find brand name items with a coupon that makes them cheaper than the store brand, I buy them. When the store brand works out to be cheaper, I buy the store brand. There's really not a huge difference in quality usually, so it comes down to the best price.

Has anyone else noticed that the gap between generic and brand name foods is beginning to narrow? I don't think it's my imagination... there really used to be more of a difference. This isn't for all items, but for a number of things that I specifically noticed.

Now, I assume that the brand names aren't actually lowering prices, so the generics must be costing more than in the past.

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