Watch Your Water Use. Save more money.

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Watch Your Water Use. Save more money.

When you get your water bill how much do you usually expect to pay?
Water is one thing that is a necessity for everybody but sometimes we take for granted that it also costs us money. Of course if you have your own well then that might be another story.

Anyways, the point of this post is to remind us to do our best to conserve water as in the end we will end up saving some money.

I am the dishwasher in my family and my Dad is constantly onto me to not turn the water on to high as you end up wasting a lot of it.

It is important to get into the habit of being conservative with our water usage if we really want to save some money.

What are some ways you conserve water?

Yes, saving water helps save TONS of money. People don't realise it. Just take a short shower and boom, a lot of money is just saved. Thanks for sharing this.

Our water bill is around $30 a month. Conserving water doesn't really make much of a difference, at least in our case. We take an annual vacation of 10 to 12 days and turn the water totally off. The bill is generally only like $1 lower from not having used any water at all for that many days.

Note that water conservation for environmental purposes is still always a good idea... I'm just saying that when it comes to saving money, it's very minimal in my own circumstances.

I have exclusive use of one of the bathrooms at our house, and since I don't share, I only flush after about 3 uses. I don't think it helps too much with my water bill, but I suppose it adds up.

Great point. I must get my nephew to stop washing two articles of clothing at one time, wasting water. He is obsessive, so it is hard to deal with.

Watch Your Water Use. Save more money. | ConsumerFu


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