Saving on Meat... Starting Today

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Saving on Meat... Starting Today

I will be heading out for the groceries in about an hour. I have a plan this time and I'll try to remember to update about how it works. The plan is to finally take the time to compare the prices of the over-sized packages of meat with the regular size I usually buy. I'd like to see just how *much* savings is offered.

I don't like buying in bulk. I have to find space for bulk purchases plus sometimes cans and other pantry items expire before we eat them... which makes it wasting instead of saving.

I'm thinking the exception is meat, so I'll be finding out today. If it's not a noticeable savings, I think I'll just keep my buying habits as they are. :-)

I do these things sometimes as research as well! I often make sure to compare the weight and contents of products after checking the prices to make sure I am getting the best choice, and I stick to that choice for the remainder of my grocery visits unless a better option pops up. It takes a while to learn all of the preferred choices, but it pays to know them, especially since you only have to learn it once. Good luck! :)

I can't wait to hear how your experiment goes, Mariposa. One thing I do with bulk meat is clean and package it up for meal sized portions soon after buying it. I wash the meat and clean off excess fat, skin, cartilage, etc. Then I freeze the meat for consumption during the month. Washing pork is especially important because it usually has bone fragments because pork bones tend to shatter during the cutting process. You can feel the grit on the meat with your hands before washing it! It's good to wash all meat, prior to freezing, to remove surface germs that may have accumulated as well.

You may well have a point. I hope so. Good luck. If you have a freezer, cutting the meat into pieces for future use would work.

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