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The Dollar Store!

Although some people would turn up their nose on the thought of going to the dollar store, I absolutely love them! Granted, you definitely have to be careful what you buy from the stores, but they are great for school supplies, soaps, shampoo, and even simple groceries. Do any of you frequent these wonderous stores? What are your opinions on them?

I know my family would be a lot poorer if my mom bought $5 pots for all of her seedlings instead of packs of $1 pots at Dollar Tree. I like getting my school notebooks and pencils there, too. My best "investment" would have to be a pair of cheapo headphones. The sound quality is horrible, but I don't plug them into anything. I just wear them on the bus so crazy people won't talk to me. Best $1 ever spent!

Plus, it's fun to just browse and see what they have. Sometimes I pick up a little toy for a relative's kid, or see what they have in the books section. I actually found a book I was looking for the other day.

The dollars stores are amazing for things like plates and cups, but I would say get silverware at somewhere like Ikea. I got a set of 4x4x4 silverware for like 4$ total. Which would get me a whopping 4 pieces at a dollar store.

Dollar stores are pretty good for some things, but can actually be more expensive for others or sell terrible quality goods.

I personally like to get stationary from there. Dishes too, being a single guy who doesn't care about having nice ones.

It really depends on the dollar store you are shopping at.
The dollar stores near me, charge more than $1 ,sell stale food and have low quality items.

The Dollar Tree charges $1 for everything, sells a wide variety of items and has some high quality stuff. I love the Dollar Tree and it's made dollar store shopping fun again. I can go in there with $10 and walk out with a set of glass wineglasses and nice coffee cups.

I'm obsessed with Dollar Tree, the other mom and pop stores near me are just dusty stores that sell plastic dishes for $3. Yuck.

I don't go to dollar stores very often because of my work schedule. When I'm in the area they're located, it's early Saturday mornings and they aren't open yet.

What I *do* make it a point to get at those stores is Christmas stuff... knick knacks, sometimes cards, stuff to sit around, decorations. They're generally more than a dollar, though.

Oh, and I'd have to add to be careful and know what it is you're getting. I have a little Christmas village that I add to each year. I got some pieces for it at WalMart last year for under $2 and then stopped at a dollar store on a day off and the exact same thing was $4... same tags and everything.

I used to pick up stuff like sandpaper or screws or things like that for projects. Personal care items I would not get there.

You definitely want to be cautious of what you buy at the dollar store (and I don't mean Family Dollar or Dollar General - those are "fakers"). I know at a store about 15 miles from our house, they are selling steaks for $1. I'm not sure about you all, but that sounds absolutely revolting. I can't imagine what a dollar steak from the dollar store tastes like.

I don't mind shopping at dollar stores at all, there are just certain items that are worth it and certain items that are not. Stuff like razors, for example, I wouldn't buy there. But items like party trays, condiments, salt & pepper, sugar, etc... I do.

I love dollar stores, even for shopping beyond my necessities. I think the items there are pretty interesting at the very least, and I've spent a lot of time just browsing around dollar stores since they offer items not usually found in regular retail stores. And the best thing is, you don't have to feel guilty when you buy an item from there if ever something does catches your eye. :)

Yes dollar shops are pretty good :) only thing is some items which you buy are quite bad quality but what would I be expecting? It is a DOLLAR shop, however I found that there are some things that I cannot find in stores whereas these shops do offer them :)


Dollar stores popularity are dropping down for these past months. Honestly, I haven't visited once since last year. It's true you can find some good stuff out there but that rarely happens, at least for me.

I used to go to the dollar store a lot when I was living at home, as my Mom often used it to buy stocking stuffers for Christmas, or to buy some school supplies when we didn't have a lot of money. But I don't really go there any more since being on my own... because quite honestly I don't need cups or plates, or really anything that they have to offer. The only time that I would go there is if I need something that is a temporary fix, or if I want a drink and don't feel like paying a lot for it.

Other than that, as great as they seem to be for people who really can't afford a lot, I think they are dropping in popularity as well.

jose26425, you simply MUST try one and tell us how it was! :-) I agree that it sounds terribly and probably tastes like the sole from an old slipper, but I'm so curious! The dollar stores in my area sell only shelf stable food and nothing like meat. Wonder what the criteria is for a piece of meat to end up at a dollar store? Hmmm... well, I won't think too much about that, but I'd sure like to hear more. :-)

Maybe it would be better to shred it up and use in a recipe than to eat it as you'd normally eat a steak?

I haven't personally noticed that the dollar stores are dropping in popularity in my area. But if that's happening, I wonder if it's because more and more items each time I go are NOT just a dollar any longer? If I want to buy something for $5, I'll go to WalMart, but yet the shelves are carrying more $3, $4, $5 etc. items each time I get to a dollar store.

Funny you should mention Walmart Christmas villages.
I have a Christmas village that is ALL Walmarts. Every year when they put out the Christmas villages at Walmart, I only buy the tiny Walmart store, so I just have a collection of tiny Walmarts from different years.

I missed the one from last year, though, so I'll have to buy one on eBay or something.
The mini Walmart from last year was a replica of the very first Walmart store, Walton's 5 and Dime. I'm fascinated with Walmart and I find a lot of things about Walmart hilarious, so I collect things with the Walmart logo too.

I think dollar stores are great! I don't really see the point in buying things that are more expensive and practically this same quality- just because it has some well known company on them.

I've seen a lot of cool dollar store crafts on Pinterest.
Some people buy the cheap painted ceramic figurines at Dollar Tree and spray paint them with stone paint to make them look like stone statues.

I've also seen people buy the cheap Dollar Tree Christmas village houses and spray paint them all one color like white, silver or aqua to hide their cheapness and make a cool Christmas display.

I typically use the dollar store for a lot of negligible items, like paper plates and the likes. I mean I could spend a heft sum of like $7 at target or go to a dollar store and get like 100 paper plates for $1.

Dollar stores are fantastic for little things. When I lived in England I got all my dishes at the pound shop (English currency dollar store) Everyone laughed at my little plastic plates but they were cheap and they did the trick. It's also great for gag gifts or things like school supplies. Lately, however, I've found dollar stores food prices aren't as good as some of the cheaper super markets. So I think I'll stick to food shopping at my local grocery store.

I seriously think this is one of the greatest businesses going on. I hope they are in business forever.

One rule I've learned with dollar stores is that if you see something good, grab it.
It might not be there next time. My local dollar store had square white dinner plates ,which are trendy right now. They sold out fast at the dollar store and now similar square white dishes are a lot more expensive at places like Crate & Barrel

That sounds as if it would be fun, ACSAPA. :-) We pick up a couple of pieces every year, too, but I've never seen the actual WalMart stores among them. That would be a fun collection.

We buy the different houses, stores, churches, etc. They're around $1.98... or were other years anyhow. I think this year I'll concentrate on trees and "extras" like that and maybe just get one building.

I saw the Walmart Christmas village. This year they don't have the mini Walmart store. They have Walton's Gift Shop which is named after Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.
I want to stick to collecting a village of just mini Walmart stores, so I'm not going to buy the Walton's Gift Shop. I'll just wait until next year and see if they go back to selling the mini Walmarts.

This person is selling one of the Walmarts that I have, but I only paid $15 for mine.

That's really cute! Maybe I've just never taken notice to them... you'd think that every WalMart would carry something like that.

Wowzers, though, 75 bucks! I like it, but if it was originally $15, whew! On the other hand, if it's the only piece I'd be missing for a collection, I'd probably have to reconsider. :-)

I don't have problems with dollar stores, but I'd only buy select items from them. Some items, usually ones that I plan on using regularly and very intimate items, I'd usually pick items of better quality. But for some other items, like plain shirts, maybe a few fashion accessories, dollar stores are very useful for, and I even find them very fascinating and would often browse around just for fun.

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