My Best Coupon Bargain This Week

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My Best Coupon Bargain This Week

I thought I was finished printing out my online coupons on Friday and then decided to poke into crazycouponlady as an afterthought. I saw a coupon for $2.78 off of Lance Xtra-Ful peanut butter crackers at WalMart... said WalMart's price was $2.78 and the item would be free.

My thought was the my WalMart wouldn't carry this item and so often I clip those free item coupons and they don't work or I can't find the item. Not true this time... the store had the crackers, they *were* $2.78, and they're in my cupboard now, totally free. (Can't beat free, right?!) :-)

Was there a limit like 1 per customer?
Otherwise I can see that being easily abused if some jerk finds out about it.

Good question, Oakster... and I really don't know the answer. When I find a coupon like that, I never even think about checking to see if I could abuse it. :-) :-) But I'd have to assume that it *was* "1 per" or one of those extremers would have cleared the shelf before I got there and I wouldn't have gotten any at all.

How big was the package? If it only held 5 crackers, I wouldn't have had the time to actually go out and use to coupon for it. After all, most of the $3 crackers here only offer 5-10 crackers so I feel the time I waste isn't worth it. But anyways, like you said, can't beat free.

:-) :-) No, ozadin, it's a free regular sized multi-pack.. 8 packets of however many crackers are in each pack, I think 6. So 48 crackers. You get only 5-10 crackers for $3?! Wow... wherever you live, I don't want to move there. :-) This was a regular multi-pack of Lance brand called XtraFulls. You may want to check for a coupon... the current coupons are good for about a week yet.

Those are the kinds of deals you live for, as a couponer. I am new to couponing but my sister is a whiz. I will send this info on! Thanks!

They certainly are, cinderr! And almost as good as finding a free item coupon is having a coupon for like $2 off when the item happens to be on sale for $1.99 that week. :-)

I *think* I may have one like that for tomorrow. I have a $2 off Domino Light Sugar blended with Stevia. I don't think it costs much more than $2. But I'll see. I have 6 or 7 coupons all for $1 or more off to use tomorrow and then the regular coupons for under a dollar. Looking forward to seeing what I can do.

I love getting items for free with coupons. My mom is a super couponer and she always used to come home with some interesting new brand of snack food or something just because it was on sale and she had a coupon making it free or close to free. I think it's how I got most of my snacks as a kid.

My mom was the same way, Miervey. And some of it rubbed off on me but I'm not as extreme as she was.I guess if the item is free its worth trying but I still tend to stick to my regular products. I do love getting items for free with coupons, though.

That's how it is for me, too... I got that sugar/stevia free today (actually it was a payer... the coupon is for $2 and it costs $1.92.) I'm not sure how I'll use it, but it's in the little packets so I will find ways. If I'd drink my coffee with sugar I wouldn't have to wonder. :-)

Wow! I'm really glad for you Mariposa! It's great to hear that you got a total freebie like that. Hey, and I was just wondering: does crazycouponlady also send you coupon codes, that you can apply to an electronic Wal-Mart account and so have your items shipped to home from their e-store? Or did you have to drive all the way to Wal-Mart to pick up the crackers? Would appreciate a fast response!

I always just go to the site and I have no idea if there's an option to sign up for a newsletter or something. Let me go look. Yes, there's a "join our mailing list" option. (I just did it) :-) but I still don't know if they send codes. I'll find out when they send me something, I guess.

But "drive all the way to WalMart" is moot for me. I'm already there every Saturday morning getting the groceries. Even if that wouldn't be true, I have a two supercenters very close and at places we constantly have to pass for work and other errands, so it's never a matter of having to drive somewhere just to use a coupon. I do the grocery shopping weekly.

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