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Longest Lasting Food Item

What is the longest lasting food item that you have come across? Like, what is a food item you used/ate that has an incredibly long lifetime? Mine would definitely have to be turmeric, a kind of spice. It can keep for decades without getting spoiled. What do y'all have?

dry things like pasta or rice can last a quite long. And of course water, maybe after a while it'll start to taste a little more like the bottle, but apart from that, no harm is done.

Other lasting items are canned food. As long as the tin can isn't damaged, it's good for years.

I know that tuna lasts a few years (well, as long as the can isn't bulging or something)... and I'd think that dry legumes and the dry bean mixes would last a long time. I've also heard that honey lasts a very long time when it comes to shelf life.

Some soups are dated a year or two ahead, but I always look for the dates before I buy. Stores stock the older products to the front of the shelf.

I bought a jar of tahini to make my own hummus once in a while. I guess it lasts quite a long time in the fridge.

Also, fish sauce lasts a long time. But then again, considering how it's made it's basically rotten fish to begin with.

I bought some bottles of Tabasco sauce in 2012 and they don't expire until 2016.
Hot sauce has an incredibly long shelf life because the vinegar and hot peppers probably kill anything that would grow in the bottle.

Spices are definitely long lasting. The other day my mom commented on how long we've had our black pepper for, which is for more than five years. I always end up buying more basil, oregano, and paprika compared to anything else, but spices are among the longest lasting of food items.

I was surprised to uncover some flour tortillas in my pantry that I had used one or two out of the package at least two months ago. The rest were perfectly fine! We use them to make relatively low-carb pizza, by the way. I did not know that tortillas could last that long!

Dry goods like beans and rice will last years in good containers. Check out all the "Prepper" sites to find out the best way to store things. Dehydrated meals are popular - like the one's used in camping. My room-mate and I ate some military MRE rations once and they were not bad.

I just tried to make a batch of home made saurkraut. Unfortunately I loaded the mason jars too high and they started to leak all over as the cabbage fermented. Lesson learned. Had this worked properly, it would have taken a few months for them to even be ready to eat, but they likely would have lasted even much longer until I was ready to use them.

I guess it would be black eyed peas or rice. They do not spoil and last a very long time.

Anything that is dried will be the longest lasting food item. For example, dried mangoes last for a long time. I also think that canned soup lasts for a long time. That being said...pretty much anything that is canned lasts for a while if it's left unopened.

Wow, I didn't know that Turmeric would last that long.

Our local discount grocery store was selling these humongous 12lb bags of rice. I would never think of buying something like that though because my rice always gets bugs in it when it's too old - even if I hadn't even opened the bag.

I think spices, in general, really do last long as long as they are kept in a dry place and are packed properly. As for my own discovery, I've found that kimchi is a very handy food to have around. I remember receiving a jar of it as a Christmas present and even though I've opened it and just kept it in the refrigerator, it was still good months later.

This thread is interesting because it encompasses two recent google searches of mine. The first was "Turmeric Tea Recipe" and the other was "How long does Tahini last?"


Well, I now have both.

Otherwise, I think dried beans are probably the one thing I have that seems to last the longest around here (both for shelf life and for amount of time it takes us to go through them).

I don't tend to be a stockpiler and I don't tend to let things sit, so my pantry and spice cabinets get cycled through with regularity. I'm glad to hear that turmeric lasts a long time though, because it is expensive and I don't have many recipes that call for it.

Rice, honey, dry corn, wheat, beans, lentils. This came from the top of my head, but in order for something to last long, you need to provide proper storing conditions.

Your mention of dry corn reminded me of how well dried products last. I have a lot of dried chilis at home that I buy only every few months within a year, and they keep preserved extremely well, and the best thing is you don't even have to store them at a special temperature, room temperature is fine. I'm sure a lot of other dried products and goods will turn out to be just as easily stored and preserved.

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