Re-gifting for Holidays

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Re-gifting for Holidays

Does anybody do re-gifting? I am a dance teacher and during the Christmas holidays I get tons of gifts from my students. I get more candles, soaps and hand towels than one could ever desire, so often after i write thank you notes, the gifts go into a "regift" box. I have gifts for birthdays and other events ready to go this way. I was blessed when I was having my son that many people gave me gifts at my shower, some without gift receipts. I resifted some of those gifts to other friends who have had babies since.

Do you do re-gifting? I only re-gift things that are unopened and I don't have a need for. That's not to say I haven't bought plenty of gifts in my life, I just like to be resourceful when I can!

I believe in re-gifting when something I was given is a better match for someone else. So many items are useful for parents, and since I have no children, I give these items to a friend. I am careful to place a note on each item to remember where and when it was received. I agree with making sure all items are new and still wrapped.

In addition, I will use items from thrift stores as excellent gifts in great condition.

I do not worry too much about etiquette since I do not plan to tell everyone that I re-gift items.

I personally don't regift but will if I think it will benefit someone else. If someone gives me a gift that I don't have use for and can't get use out of, I'll either give it to someone who can really use it or I'll just sell it. If I sell it, I can get use out of the money that I make off of it, so it works out that way. If it's a really thoughtful gift and I still don't have use for it, I'll just keep it because of the thought that went into it.

I don't re-gift because I'm always worried that the person might not need the item and want to exchange it - and I won't have the receipt to give them. I would be mortified if someone found out that I re-gifted them something. I would probably just sell it off on eBay and lose a couple bucks on it instead.

I don't get that many gifts as a single mother. When I realized that I had a ton of lotions and soaps that I had gotten as gifts over the years, I made a big gift bag of them and gave them to my daughter's best friend on the last day of school.
It was nice to see how happy she was to get a bag of beauty products and my daughter scored "best friend ever" points.

I'm too chicken to re-gift. :-) I keep thinking that the person who gave me something is going to find out from the person I gave it to. Well it could happen! :-)

I *have* given away a gift card to a restaurant that has no locations within 100 miles of me, though... but not as a gift.

I do re-gifting for acquaintances. When acquaintances give me gifts that I can't really use, it does not bother me to give them away to other people. An example here are exchange gifts during Christmas in the office. For most part, people who work in offices give each other gifts out of "obligation". The useless stuff I get are usually given to other people that I am obligated to give gifts to. I do keep gifts (even when I can't use them) from people who mean something to me. I also take time to buy proper gifts for these people.

Another way to re-use them might be to donate them to fundraisers for gift baskets. You can also obviously just donate them to charities and write them off on taxes too.

I've also gotten some gifts that I didn't have much use for, and I do re-gift those. It would be wasteful to just throw it away or give it away just for the sake of it and risk having it land on the hands of someone who just takes it for the sake of a freebie. I wait for a good fit of the gift to the right person first, so this way, at least I am able to pay respects to the original person who gave the gift by giving it to someone who will actually use it.

I can't really remember I have re-gifted anything yet. That's mainly because, among friends, we tend to pool with a group, and in the family, we make a great deal about gifts, so we try to find very personal and suited gifts: I get and give no real 'useless' gifts. I do remember getting a book from a friend of my parents that I already possessed, but I didn't say, because that would be rude. Mom told my that was very nice of me, and we went to give the book to a thrift shop and I could choose one there too :-)

General gifts our parents or we get (can be business gifts too), sometimes go to rifles for the local sports club or school, or other charities.

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