Making your own flavored water...

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Making your own flavored water...

Does anyone make their own flavored water to save on buying pre-made flavored water? It's a healthy alternative to juice and soda, and it's easy to make. I usually fill a pitcher of filtered water and put some lemon and lime slices to add some flavor. Usually my fruit is on sale and I can chop slim slices and keep the remaining slices stored in the fridge. I wash and refill one plastic water bottle every day instead of having the build up of several empty plastic water bottles in the house. I love drinking water because it makes me feel hydrated and fresh.

What do you add to your water to make it taste good?

That's a really good idea!
I usually have a water bottle at work that I almost have to force myself to drink, I don't really enjoy it, I just do it because I know how good it is for me.
I'm going to try doing this to see if it makes it easier for me to get though a bottle.
What fruits have you found work well, besides the lemon?

I rarely drink anything other than water (or beer) and I can't remember the last time I bought bottled water. I invested in a Water filter system, so now I drink filtered tap water all the time. Next thing I'm going to try is infusing the water with something, so I'll see if I like lemons added to my water :-)

I've tried a couple of different fruits in my water, the only one I would really steer clear of would be bananas. Other than that, anything from the citrus or berry families are delicious. Raspberry lime is a delicious combination that I use sometimes, it's got a nice balance of the berry and citrus vibe. You can also mix fruits and herbs for a variety. Pineapple and mint mix well for a delicious drink that is fruity and minty all in one! One of my friends at work makes a watermelon rosemary flavored water. I haven't been a big soda drinker since I was a pre-teen and made the choice to give it up (I'm pretty proud of myself for having that will power at a young age). These fruit infused waters are the way to go, in my book. I also like regular purified water, however after trying these I am hooked.

I actually enjoy plain old water. Weird huh? I have purchased flavored water on occasion though. Making your own is definitely a cheaper option than buying it and you can make the flavors you like instead of resorting to what's available at the store. I've been a water bottle carrier for a while now and have a brita pitcher in the fridge I had been using. We have problems with rusty water though(old house) and I've resorted back to buying cases of water unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your idea carrie!

I enjoy plain water too, especially when I'm working out. However, I drink the flavored stuff with my meals or when I'm having a snack. Brita pitchers are the best, we just got a new one for our wedding and totally love it. We actually didn't even have it on the registry, somebody just wanted to share one with us because they had one in their home. When I lived with my mom she bought cases of water bottles and I remember how they would clutter the house and just end up everywhere!

I don't really like flavored water but always have a bottle of plain on my desk and try to drink as much as I can.

When it comes to making my own, I'd almost have to grow my own fruit to save money. Fruit prices are so high here, even at the farmers markets. I couldn't believe the prices I had to pay for strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon on Saturday. :-(

This is about the "other fruits" issue... I know that lemons and limes alone aren't high priced.

I drink water all the time too, but I have never tried flavored water. Well, I may have tried it some time back (in fact I do have a very faint memory of it) but I don't think I liked it. Even if water was flavored with lemon or lime, it would still taste a little bit raw (do you understand what I mean)? The taste turns out to not too good, unless there is a little bit of something sweet to complement it. Unfortunately, when you're trying to eat healthy, you can't do sweet!

I rarely add any flavor to out water because my son said once that he feels as if his glass wasn't washed after somebody else used it for some lemon juice LOL. Well, he is right because it can taste that way. I used to put 2 lemon slices in a pitcher full of water and some eucalyptus. I got the idea from a nearby restaurant.

I use filtered water, amid usually add just a slice of lemon or lime that gives it just a hint of flavor. I have tried the flavored waters, and really didn't care for the ones that I tried. To me, they flavor was just too diluted, and really not worth having in my water, but I do like the taste of the lemon. What I really want to do is to get one of the Sodastream machines, and then I can make carbonated water. I really love the bite of plain carbonated water, with or without a bit of lemon. The Sodastream is expensive, but I have been watching on eBay and Craigslist for one that someone wants to sell cheap, and eventually, I should find one.

I don't really care for flavored water because plain filtered water is fine with me. I see flavored water as something that's unnecessary for me, especially when you can drink a good fruit juice that has nutritional value to it. I do have re-usable water bottles I bought from the store because I realized that filling up one of those plastic water bottles a million times can lead to bacterial build up if you don't sanitize the water bottle properly. I drink fruit juice at dinner time because it's healthy and whatnot, but throughout the day I just keep my water bottle with me and I'm good to go.

I was just telling someone how to do this today as they were not drinking enough water.

About a year ago I pretty much gave up drinking diet soda. I bought an iced tea maker and have been brewing my own iced tea since. It's much cheaper (like $1.50 for 6 gallons) than soda, as well as much healthier. Plus you don't have to lug heavy cases of pop in the house and fill up the trash cans/recycle bins with empty cans and bottles.

OhioTom, I couldn't sleep the other night so I got up at 2 a.m. and watched doctor Oz. The topic was cancer and he was saying that we should have no more than two sodas a week because it messes with our pancreas and that is one way to develop pancreatic cancer. I'm glad that as a preteen I pretty much gave up soda. Not to mention that the diet sodas have aspartame. I'll still have the occasional soda now and then, but water and flavored water make me feel healthier. An iced team maker sounds like another good alternative. I love iced tea and would consider getting my own maker in the future!

I rarely put fruit in my water, I just drink it plain and still :-) When I do want a change, I just put in some drops of lemon juice, or lime. If it's really hot in summer, we sometimes make ice tea, just normal tea (maybe a bit less sugar and a bit more lemon) and let it cool.

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