When Did You Start Using Coupons?

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When Did You Start Using Coupons?

I started using coupons as soon as i started making my own money! I think coupons are the way to go. I don't go overboard, but i always take advantage of a coupon deal when i can.

I started buying and using coupons about two years ago using my online earnings. I remember the first purchase which was a coupon for a family set meal of pizza, pasta, and fried chicken. I treated my family to celebrate the release of my virtual VISA card.

The excitement of buying something from virtual money was so much that other coupon purchases followed. I spent them on spa and massage treatments as occasional rewards for myself.

Growing up, my mom always used coupons when she had them. She wasn't extreme, we didn't have a stock pile. But with four kids, and her not working, she just always used them to make the money stretch out a bit longer for groceries. I have always been the same way when it comes to our family. Using those coupons allows us to stretch every dollar and get a bit more for our buck. I use them to do a bit of stock piling, not tons, just a comfortable amount so if we need to go a few weeks without shopping, we are still okay.

I actually just started getting into couponing recently within the past year or so. It all started with me picking up a few beverage coupons at a gas station and then finding out that the market down the street doubled coupons and if I bought the drinks there I'd get them for free with the coupon. The rest is history haha.

I started using coupons in 1998 when I had a baby. My first coupons were those baby formula coupons that companies send in the mail when you have a baby.

I branched out into other coupons and became a couponer. But I was living as a family with my daughter's father and he had a problem with coupons and liked to live beyond our means.
As a single mother, although I have my own challenges and struggles, I'm glad that I get to make financial decisions without having to run them by anybody.

If I still lived with my ex, I would be buying his overpriced steaks and paying his huge cable bill with the sports package. No thanks.

I started using coupons when I got married. My mother always used coupons and I learned a thing or two from her. Before I got married, I had a good job and didn't bother with coupons which is silly. But once I got married, things were tighter so I started clipping coupons and even had my husband at the time doing it. That's over 28 years ago and I still use coupons to this day. I must say there are a lot more places to get coupons. Back then I had to rely on newspapers and magazines. Now there are several great coupon places online.

I envy people who say that their parents used coupons. If I'd had a role model to teach me how to use coupons when I was younger, I would have gotten a better start in life and been more prepared for adulthood.

Needless to say, I've taught my daughter about coupons and looking at the unit prices on food. I want her to get a better start in life than I did.

I'm teaching that to my daughter, too, ACSAPA. She still forgets to check prices sometimes when she puts something into the shopping cart, but all I have to do is say "great... how much was that?" and she remembers to go back and check. :-)

My mom used coupons but never a whole lot of them... mostly just those that were already on the containers she bought and a few from the paper.

I would have to say the same; when I started making my own money, that is when I realized that using coupons could save me a great deal of money. I think that is also when I became cheap. I never wanted to be broke because I couldn't rely on anyway to ask for money so I had to come up with ways to save money and using coupons was one of them.

I know what you mean, AnjelicaNicole. As a single mom, I can't ask anyone for money because I don't really have any family that I'm close to. That makes me very careful about money because I don't have anyone to depend on except myself.

I guess being careful with money and being self sufficient is a positive thing.
It gets lonely when I'm backed into a corner with no family, but I always power through.
At least we're learning life skills about surviving on a dime and not being wasteful.

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