What's the last thing you bought on credit?

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What's the last thing you bought on credit?

Curious what is the last thing you purchased on credit. Was it really necessary to charge that item? My last purchase on credit was dinner the other night. I had the cash so don't ask me why I put it on my credit card but that's where the purchase wound up. How bout yourselves?

The last thing I did on credit was pay my phone/internet bill.
I can't work or sell on eBay without my internet connection so I think it was a very important thing to do on credit. It will pay for itself when my eBay customers pay for their items and I pay my credit card company.

I use my credit mostly for household things. I have not purchased anything large in the recent past.

I haven't bought anything on credit for a very long time. When I still had my credit card, I made sure I could pay the balance each month, and after that it was either debit card purchases or cash.

I used to study in an online school (I graduated last May) and I would pay for my tuition fee with my husbands credit card. I also used the same card to purchase Copyscape credits. We only use the credit card when we have no choice anymore. Years back we would use credit cards to buy things that we couldn't really afford. We learned our lesson already.

I bought a train ticket (TGV) from Paris to Bordeaux. That was last December and i managed not to use my credit card since then. I actually cancelled it and now only use a debit card. There was just no point in me keeping a credit card any longer and I felt that owning a credit card just made we want to spend and spend.

Wow some of you guys are pretty responsible spenders huh? Congrats to all for getting to that point.

The last thing I used a credit card on was a grocery trip with my mates and I while we were at the lake. They would send me their shares over paypal later and it was more expensive then what I had in the bank. Since it was the lake internet and cell phones were a bit tricky so I just used a credit card instead of pulling money from savings. It worked out fine in the end, but I typically try not to use credit at all anymore unless its to rent a car because of the $500 that is held in your checking while its being rented.

Being a responsible spender doesn't happen overnight. I had to fail repeatedly as a young person to get to this point. I created debts and problems for myself when I was in my 20's and now, as a mom in my 30's I've become a responsible spender to create a better future and make up for my past mistakes.

Responsible spenders are made, not born and sometimes it takes a couple of financial mistakes to teach you valuable lessons and make you change your life.

A lot of the couponers and frugal people in this forum got here by being forged in the fire of life experience and financial stress.

I bought my boyfriend football tickets for Christmas. They were super expensive because it was some special game and I didn't have the money in my checking account. It was necessary to charge the item though I guess it wasn't necessary to buy the tickets. He had an amazing time though so it's worth the interest I'm still paying on that purchase :)

The last thing I purchased on credit were household items. I shop on the internet so buying with cash does not work for me.

The last thing that I bought on credit was furniture for my house. The expense it self was around 3000. I was able to pay down 1000 over time and a lump sum of 2000 when I sold a piece of equipment that I had lying around. I don't know if it was necessary to do it the way I did, but you know how that cycle goes. Get a new place, fill it with furniture. Etc.

Ughhh I really need to cut my card up. Just did it again and charged some pet medications for my dog. What am I doing?

It's been so long, I can't remember! Cash is king!

I went grocery shopping...plenty of food is what I bought with my credit card last time.

I use only one debit card now, and mostly cash. Like I said, last December was when I last swiped the old credit card and I had subsequently dumped it and have never looked back ever since! I still shop online with PayPal and my debit card nowadays, it keeps me more grounded because the money is taken directly from my own account and nothing's bought on credit anymore!

I use mine daily for purchases since I get cash back. I make a point to track what I spend and pay it out of my bank account right away so I don't pay interest. It seems like more work but the cash back is nice and I found by tracking what I spend and not using it for items I can't actually afford helps.

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