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American Express - signatures

I noticed that using American Express credit cards (Gold or Platinum) requires the customer to sign a copy of the receipt with a dotted line. What is the purpose of signing this receipt and if I accidentally signed the wrong copy (and the cashier mistakenly took that wrong copy from me), will there be any problems?

Also what if I signed in a hurry and my signature does not match the one on the back of my credit card? Usually the cashier is too busy to check so he / she just accepts it anyway. But if they don't match can they reject the transaction?

I'm not sure how the wrong copy could be signed because they always only gave me one copy to sign.

And if signatures don't match? What have you gotten yourself into, BrianWolfe?? :-) Seriously, there are many ways to match signatures whether you're signing in a hurry or not. Whether or not a store cashier checks the signature, it will eventually be found out if a different person tries to sign... even if it's for a friend and with their blessing. It's still forgery. So yeah, there are ways for them to tell.

Not sure about the transaction rejection... I'm thinking if it doesn't match to their satisfaction, they may ask for a photo ID or something else with a signature.

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