Have You Ever Been Late On Your Monthly Payments?

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Have You Ever Been Late On Your Monthly Payments?

Have you ever had trouble paying your credit card bills on time? If you have, were you able to work things out with the card company?

I just received a cut off notice from the electric company because they say my bill is overdue which I don't understand as I thought I sent my check to them, but the bank has no record and neither the electric company. The envelope must have been lost. I try the best I can to stay current on my bills, what happened here I have no idea.

When I had my credit card i had some late payments that jacked up my interest rate. The only reason I got behind was because of my other finances. It was tough.

Before I got it under control and started paying the whole balance each month, there were a few times when payments were late, yes. And a couple of times I *did* pay on time but they said they didn't get it before the due date, so on came the charges and it was useless trying to deal with them. Didn't matter that I had proof of when I wrote the check... THEY didn't get it into the system in time, so I paid.

Ugh... so glad those days are behind me! :-) Then taking it from paying the balance each month to getting rid of the thing for good was the next step. Our credit remains excellent and everything gets paid on the prepaid debit card... win/win!

I've only had a credit card for 7 months and I haven't been late with any of the payments. I only got it to build credit, so I'm afraid to pay it late or do anything wrong.

Unfortunately, I have. I wish that certain circumstances wouldn't have impeded me from paying my payments on time but life happens. I am already in debt and to not be able to pay on time, causing more stress, is a pain. Yes, I was able to work everything out with the credit card comany.


I missed the payment because I was on vacation in Texas at the time and completely forgot to pay the payment for that month. Ended up getting home, checking my bank and going ****!

But it was on a relatively small amount, less than $100... so other than my score going down a bit, it wasn't a huge deal.

That was 2 years ago, and since then, no payments have been missed - I'm good like that.

I've mentioned it before on here so I won't go into the whole story again in detail, but yes. One of my cards tried to make an auto payment from an old checking account of mine instead of the new one I gave them - which set off a whole string of NSF and late fees.

Another problem I had was with my rent. It wasn't really my fault either, I made a payment for my rent via their online payment system. However the payment process was very poorly designed and when you get to the very end of it, the way the page is worded it makes it look like the payment went through and is complete. However in some fine print at the very bottom you need to click one more link to finalize it. They had an eviction notice on my door one day when I came home and I had to go down to their office and raise hell with them over it.

The one thing that i like about my former card company was the fact that they were willing to work with you. They always offered flexible options for me to settle any debts.

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