How Old Were You When You Applied For Your First Credit Card?

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How Old Were You When You Applied For Your First Credit Card?

At the age of 18, just starting college, I thought that I would apply for a credit card to help with my mother, financially. I was working at Kmart full-time and the pay was okay for an 18 year, of course I could have used more money. So, I applied and was approved.

I was already married when I got my first credit card... so I would have been 22.

I'm not following how having a credit card would help your mother financially... you mean she wouldn't accept you giving her cash to help out?

I applied for my first credit card 8 months ago when I was 38. I got sick of having a thin credit file, so I decided to establish a credit history. My credit score went from the 600s to the 700s. I wish I'd gotten a credit card at least a year or two sooner because the length of your credit history also affects your score.

When I was 17 or 18 :).

I was 19 and in college. It was limited to books and other stationery only.

I believe I was either 18 or 19 years old. Although I cannot remember which one was in fact my first credit card. I think I had a minor one with only like a $250 balance or something like that. This was 20 years ago though.

When I started college however, I definitely had a credit card, I recall. The main reason I remembered was because I was in a dorm living away from home at the time and I was putting all of my bills on it, then my parents were paying the bills for me via my savings account at a bank back home. Needless to say, my credit score shot up as did my limits, very quickly. I would say by the time I was 20-21, I had quite a bit of available credit for someone my age.

I was 18 yeaqrs old. I was basically using it for stuff i needed.

I applied for a credit card at 18 just when I was going to university and it was the single biggest mistake of my life! I'd never lived on my own before and just wasn't ready for the responsibility!

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