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What company do you guys usually use for credit/debit cards? I only have debit cards and all of them are sponsored by MasterCard, and the SBI. Where do you guys get your cards from? I have heard that Visa is really popular, and my brother has a Visa card, but personally I prefer MasterCard.

My husband has a MasterCard Credit Card and a Visa debit card. I don't have any cards. All establishments here accept either a Visa or MasterCard. We honestly do not feel the difference. Even the interest rates of both credit cards are the same (I used to have a Visa). The debit card is mainly for our PayPal account.

I only have debit cards and they are also sponsored by MasterCard. I wouldn't be able to purchase a credit card if I wanted to because of what I owe. I definitely wouldn't want to have a credit card anyways due to the fact that I would have to make a number of monthly payments. So, I will forever adhere to debit cards and that's it

l have a MasterCard credit card and a Visa debit card. I am satisfied with each one.

I have Visa debit because I'd read on a financial blog that more places accept them. I know that MC is good for that, too, but NOT so with American Express.

Anyhow, my Visa debit it a WalMart debit. I can load it right at the register. Fees are extremely low considering what some places charge. It's $3 to load the card and then $3 a month fee if a certain amount isn't loaded in a month. It's pretty high, I think maybe $1k.

I checked into that because I refused to use a debit card connected with my bank account. It's worked great for me and I've never had a problem paying anything with it.

Most of the cards I use are sponsored by Visa and most of the cards I use now a days are just debit. I've seen credit go wrong in a lot of ways so I try to stay away from it. Its not really a good tool to get you where you want to be and the interest rate is ridiculous.

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