Avoid spending money on clothes you don't need

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Avoid spending money on clothes you don't need

It can be very tempting to buy new clothing when strolling through a mall or surfin the Internet. The latest fashion or a cut price offer can lead to buying on impulse something you may not need or might never get to wear.

Before going out to buy new clothes, it's a good idea to have a good look at those you already have. You may find items you have forgotten about or see clothes you have not worn for a long time.

I've got friends who have bought holiday clothing from the bulk cheap clothing stores, worn it once and then thrown it away!! I think those days are gone and the stigma of wearing other peoples cast-offs has dissappeared. The growth in charity shop clothes shopping is a sign of this and I think it will be the future shopping way for the thrifty.

There are so many people who don't appreciate how many clothes they really have in their wardrobe! This is mostly because they don't love the clothes they buy. They just have to buy something because it was on sale or their initial instinct told them so. You should think twice before buying anything and make absolutely sure you are going to wear it. Buying clothes just because they're on sale doesn't mean you are saving money. It just means you got something (that you might not even wear) cheaper.

Very sensible comment. Things hanging in the closet and not worn are expensive. Thanks for the tip.

I haven't bought any new clothes in years and the last ones I bought came from the thrift store or yard sales. When my niece cleans out her closet, she gives me the clothes that she doesn't want anymore, so that is like getting a whole new wardrobe for free.

I have a huge wardrobe compiled from thrift stores and I love it. I have a bunch of dresses, but I do actually wear them. I dated a guy for a few months and he said he never saw me in the same dress. I think it's a lot of fun, and because I don't pay a lot for them I don't mind. Right now though I'm trying not to buy any more because my wardrobe is pretty full.

My wife is the worst at this, although she had no choice but to cut down recently.
She just window shops now, but I bet that I can go in her closet, find something buried deep down, put it in a bag and give it to her as a gift and she'll think I went out and bought it :)

Most of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores and I never get tempted at malls with their sales. As a matter of fact I hate malls. I don't buy much these days in the way of clothes but if I do, I always just buy one or two items to go with something I already have, to change it up a bit. And of course when I buy these items, they come from the thrift store.

I'm not a clothing person. Wait, that didn't sound right. :-) I mean I don't get excited about buying clothing. I'd rather wear out what I have and then replace it. In my way of thinking, there are many more fun and important things to spend money on than new clothing all the time.

I used to have a lot of clothes. Then I spent a year abroad, and it's amazing what happens when you spend a year living in whatever clothes you can fit into one duffel bag. I didn't buy all that many clothes while I was living abroad because I knew I wouldn't really have room to take them with me. So basically for an entire year I was living with about a two weeks supply of clothing. Which worked perfectly fine. When I came back I gave most of the clothes that I had left behind to charity, because I figured if I hadn't worn them in a year I didn't need them. Over the past year that I've been home I think I may have only bought three or four articles of clothing, and all of those were from thrift shops or bargain stores. So if you want to cut down on the amount of clothes you buy, try living out of just a large piece of luggage for a while. It works wonders.

When I was younger I was so hooked to buying branded clothes off the rack especially during sale events only to realize later how wasteful this habit was. Now, I always ask myself before giving in to any tempting shopping offer if I really need that item. More often than not, I don't. Thankfully, thrift stores are all over the metro and if I need to shop for clothes, that's where I go to for my fashion needs. The selections are not bad at all considering the very low prices!

I recently had a garage sale and sold a large number of items with the tags still on them... one lady 'shame, shamed' me then purchased most of them. But she had a point.

david... good point... they aren't cheap if you don't wear them! :)

My daughter has grown so much at age 15, that her clothes now fit me.
So it's like we have double the wardrobe because we can wear each other's clothes.
Too bad my shoes are too small for her.

I'm guilty of this mistake sometimes. I often see deals that are too good to pass up while my wardrobe just piles up. I've been meaning to have a more planned wardrobe recently, and I'm planning on organizing so I can have a fresh start, specially since I'll probably be buying even more clothes at the sales this Christmas.

That sounds as if it would be fun! Well, if the two of you like the same styles, that is. :-) I'd wear some of my daughter's clothes, but not all. When it comes to shoes, we have 100% the same tastes... and accessories, too.

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