Buying Whole Cuts Of Meat

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Buying Whole Cuts Of Meat

Buying whole cuts of meat tends to be a lot cheaper, especially since you will presumably be buying meat consistently for a long period of time, it would be smart to just learn about the different cuts one time and saving on the rest of the way.

This is applicable to all types of meat, and in my opinion, it is especially true in buying chicken, because first of all, not only will buying only the chicken breasts or thighs eventually cost you more, but you will also not be able to utilize the carcass which makes for a great broth and will be all natural which is unlike pre-packed broth which might have all sorts of unhealthy ingredients in it you would never know about.

I have heard that this is very true especially for other animals not just chicken. I have heard of families getting together and purchasing cows and pigs to have them slaughtered and cut and packaged for food. I would love to do it, but I need a deep freezer for the meat, because you end up with a lot of meat, way more than a regular freezer can handle. But, the cost savings are very high, and you even end up with higher quality meat as a bonus.

This is the first time I've actually heard of people buying whole cows, but it does sound like the most practical. It doesn't hurt to go straight to the source, definitely. For the majority, however, just buying whole cuts at groceries will hopefully suffice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

I know this is a good move to save money and I wish I would do it more often. I've found that it works better for me just buying the smaller packs as we need them.

That said, I *have* bought whole chickens in the past and it's a good feeling getting a few different meals out of one purchase like that.

I usually buy whole chickens and use the entire carcass. I would use the bones to make stock (great for soups and vegetable broths) and then use the other parts in a variety of dishes. I like the idea of getting your money's worth by buying a whole chicken.

I do this too! I think this is a helpful tip that's especially applicable to chickens, since like you pointed out, you could even use the bones to make broth. Paying extra for service to cut up chicken parts just isn't too practical given that we'd presumably be buying chicken meat throughout our lives. Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

One of the best ways I've seen to "make a chicken stretch" (that sounds funny!) is to use the dark meat for a chicken soup, save the breasts for another meal and make broth out of the "leftover stuff" like the bones.

If it's a big enough chicken, I'm sure that even more meals could be taken from it. I often use less cut up chicken than a recipe calls for anyhow, so it stretches even further.

I also grind my own chicken meat to make patties and croquettes which have added potatoes, breadcrumbs and vegetables like peas, beans, carrots and spinach. This extends the chicken way beyond what you can normally get out of a single carcass.

I've never done grinding of my own meat like that, but it sure would make great croquettes! What kind of appliance do you use for that? Just a regular multi-purpose food processor?

Whole cuts of meat will certainly save you money, as long as you can use it all up without wasting any. I regularly see beef roasts for sale as buy one get one free. Aside from simply roasting them, you can cut them into steaks, cube them for stews, throw them in ragus, fried rice, etc...

Learning how to break down a whole chicken is also a great way to save money. Though it does take a little practice. Just follow along with one of the many videos on Youtube.

Hehe! This made me giggle, OhioTom... whatever did we do before YouTube?! :-) Seriously, there are tutorials for just about anything! I've looked up a few cooking videos, my daughter looks up ways to fix her hair in fancy "do's" and I've learned how to fold a *fitted* sheet so that it's flat! (Harder than it sounds!)

Good ideas about the uses for roasts.

I know people who do this... like "a side of beef" or "a half pig" and then have it processed and wrapped into the various cuts. I've never done it, not because of the cost, but because I wouldn't have storage for it.

I *can* see us doing it if I'd have a stand-alone freezer, though.

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