Cheap Christmas?

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Cheap Christmas?

My family goes overboard at Christmas, and we are trying to figure out how to limit the expense without losing the fun of gift giving!

The gals all tried re-gifting with each other (guys are harder to do this with... they usually don't appreciate bath salts and candles), but we would like ideas that include everyone for this year.


Don't just buy everything at Christmas. If you see something on clearance or sale in June that you know will make a great gift, buy it in June and put it away.
If you shop year round, you can spread out the cost of Christmas over several months and find things on sale.

This will be a rather sad Christmas for us, financially and we have to cut way back! I can only think of one way for me to do this and that is by cutting out the adults. I plan to have a nice Christmas dinner, as usual, and gifts just for the kids---six of them. I am going with fifty bucks for the four older kids and a cool toy for the two little guys. No gift giving for me and my husband this year--he won't mind that.
I feel terrible but this has to be done. I have always gone overboard and I love it but that must come to an end!

Absolutely great advice! In the past, I have had my shopping done by November 1. The deals you get off season can be tremendous! I don't have extra money to do this right now, unfortunately.

I think spending a portion of the budget for individual gifts, and utilizing it to buy a group activity for the holiday would be best. This way, kids still get gifts, but even more importantly, they will also have some nice memories of doing something together as a family. I think people mostly forget the toys they got, but they always remember the moments they spent with family.

I agree that shopping throughout the year is a good way to both find good gifts and spread out the spending so it doesn't hit you at year's end. I've done that for years and am always on the look out for things I know my friends and family will want - at a good price, that is.

Here's an idea: If money is really tight, one can always do favors or chores for loved ones instead of giving them a present. We usually know the things that others struggle with and so why not lighten their work load as a kind Christmas gift?

I think that doing something together as a family is an excellent idea... and when I think back over the years, those are the things that remain as the strongest memories.

When I think of Christmases past, it's things we did that cause a smile much more than items that were given or received as gifts.

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Shopping throughout the year is a great idea and I do it when I can. The only thing I really have a problem with is not being able to wait until Christmas to give the gift. Like if I get something really great for my daughter in August, it's *really* difficult to put it away for four months and sometimes I give the item early. I guess I should work on that. :-)

When I know what I want to give someone as a Christmas gift, I start looking for price comparisons online and that assures that I'll end up getting the best deal on the gift.
how about this as a gift for my gf?
will she love this?

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