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Cheap Gift Ideas

There comes a time for all of us when you want to buy that special someone a gift, but you can not afford to. There are plenty of cheap and even free presents to give if you do not have the extra money to spend. Remember the saying, "It's the thought that counts?" Here are a few ideas that are thoughtful and thrifty.

-Create a photo album or scrapbook, from pictures you have around the house. I have made beautiful scrapbooks that my friends and family love. I used pictures I already had, scrap paper, tape/glue stick, stickers, and markers to decorate the album.

-Make a recipe book that contains your favorite meals. Buy a notebook from the dollar store and neatly write out your favorite recipes.

-Create a journal for someone to write or draw in. Buy a cheap notebook and decorate the outside. Sometimes I use old magazines to create a collage on the cover and back of the notepad.

-Make jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Beads, string, embroidery floss, etc., can be bought for only a few dollars. There are many great homemade jewelry ideas online if you need some inspiration.

-Save money by making your own card for any occasion. Take the time to include a meaningful message on the inside.

-Create a book full of personal gift cards for someone, promising to do future errands for them as needed. Ideas for personal I.O.U's include cleaning, babysitting, yard work, give a massage, cook a free meal etc.

-Burn a CD compiled with someone's favorite songs. Choose favorite songs that they enjoy or that mean something to both of you.

- Wrap up an old book that you enjoy and have sitting on the shelf. Most people that like to read would not mind receiving a used book.

-Burn a DVD with meaningful pictures. Create a slideshow using old and recent pictures. This is a great way to preserve memories.

-Knit or crochet a blanket, hat, purse etc. Someone made me a quilt out of my old childhood t shirts, and I loved it!

These are just a few ideas for those low on funds, that would like to give someone a present. What are your cheap gift ideas?

If you like to cook, you could try to make some homemade stuff - homemade bbq sauce, homemade hot sauce would be fun.

Some of these ideas seem to be a little extensive and really hard to do. But yeah, you are absolutely right and have hit some of those areas spot on. I personally give the person special a card and a CD with his/her favorite songs. I know quite a few people who like my taste in songs and really love listening to my songs. Thanks for the idea. It's great!

I like a lot of these ideas. I can't knit or crochet but the CD and scrapbook ideas are something I could surely do. The recipe book is a great idea, too. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't give a book from my shelf as a gift, though. :-) Knowing my luck, they'd see right away that I gave something I'd already used.

I love the idea of homemade food as gifts, and some of the best memories I have of gifts received involve food... more specifically the baked goods my sister-in-law used to give as gifts. :-) It always brought a smile to see her walk in with arms loaded down with huge plates of cookies, breads, and mini pies complete with bow. :-)

Yes, the childhood or high school t-shirt quilt is an awesome idea, my husbands aunt made one for him for his graduation and it is such a neat way for him to remember his high school years and activities. I've made a few scrapbooks for friends and they have loved them, so I would say that yes, scrapbooking is a fun, personal gift. I just got my own sewing machine and have began trying to sew everything in my free time! I'm getting ideas for Christmas gifts already, but actually one of my cousins is having a baby in October and her shower is this month. We know she is having a girl so I've been at all the fabric stores finding the cutest girl prints! So far I've made her a taggie toy, two bibs and a burp cloth! It's really fun thinking of the person actually using what you are making.

I also love making people CD's. Back when my husband and I were dating during high school, we would make each other little CD"s that reminded us of each other and so on. We still have them, (or at least have the playlist saved on our computers) and listen to them together now!

The idea about making a journal for someone to write in by decorating a notebook has the potential to look really tacky if you don't do it right. I don't think I would cover it in magazine pictures, but maybe scrapbook paper or vintage gift wrap or even a road map would look good. Homemade things can either look really nice or slapped together.

I have made small sewing projects as gifts, such as pot holders or coasters. They are easy and fun, and can be customized to match the decor of the recipients home. I do love the idea of cooking or baking something special for a person. Who doesn't love a sweet treat for a birthday or holiday? I had a room mate and we shared the housekeeping duties and once, when I had very little money to spare, I did his share of the house work one week as part of his birthday gift. A little kindness goes a long way!

My neighbor fixed my lawnmower earlier this summer. To pay him for his kindness, I have been providing fresh lettuce, Anaheim peppers and Zucchini squash to his family all summer from my garden. He loves the lettuce and includes it in his lunch each day.

For my parents 50th anniversary, I contacted a bunch of their friends and our family members. Each one wrote a special entry and sent cards. I assembled the replies in an album. I knew it was a great present when my Dad cried.

Gifts that do not involve money require more thought and creativity.

Since herb seeds and plant seeds go on sale sometimes 3 for $1, you could plant some seeds and grow little herb plants to give away as gifts. Nobody needs to know that the cute little basil and oregano plants you gifted them only cost you 30 cents to grow from seed.

That is a great idea, as I have bought herb plants for people at Lowes to give them as housewarming gifts, and paid much more. You could keep a bunch of them growing at any given time and if you don't gift them you can always use them yourself.

These are great ideas! I have also been thinking about making a body scrub using sea salt and lavender essential oil, if you put it in a pretty decorative jar it would make the perfect gift! Lavender oil is very relaxing and I find most people like it. You could also make bath bombs that are fizzy and make for a calming bath time.

There really are so many cheap gifts you can make for people, another one that I was thinking of is sewing some lavender pillows. Yes, there with the lavender again, can you tell i'm a bit obsessed? I was also thinking of making my own bees wax candles with essential oils, it doesn't have to be lavender, it could be something like peppermint oil instead.

In the last year, I've gifted over 100 picture frames. A friend of mine gifted me a woodworking router, which I had no clue on how it is used or even what is it for. After some researching I came across some tutorials on how to do picture frames from scrap wood. And that was it. On top of that0, every single one of them is unique.

We have a big family, so it's very easy to book hotel rooms at a budget since we are almost considered to be buying in bulk whenever we travel together. I think hotels bookings are great to give as gifts, and through coupon sites, they usually don't cost that much, especially for my case, like I said, when you buy a lot and can ask additional discount or more privileges from certain hotels.

What an excellent list of creative ideas. Very impressive.

What an excellent list of creative ideas. Very impressive.

Speaking of cheap picture frames, stores such as Michael's and Pat Catan's have sections of odds & ends frames. These are often very ornate frames that were assembled from scrap leftovers from frame parts, or they might be frames that were accidentally cut to the wrong dimensions. You can usually pick these up dirt cheap, like 90% less or more than what you would pay for that frame in a custom job.

They also often sell mat board scraps, which you can pick up as well. If you happen to have a mat cutter, even better since you could cut your own custom mats and layer them like a professional job. Then you could pick up some cheap art or some dried flowers and such and make a composition with hot glue then frame it.

I agree with this. I always love receiving dish recipes that are that persons' specialty. Every Christmas, a handful of our family friends' give out their specialty dishes as family gifts, and I always look forward to it, and some are even so treasured that they are completely finished by New Years' day, and I'm left wanting more. :D Certainly a lot better than just receiving a shirt, not that shirts aren't a welcome gift.

I read a blog post by a teacher about what teachers really want to receive as gifts. As it turns out, teachers just want delicious baked goods to eat in the teacher's lounge. If I had known that, I would have made something for my kid's teacher last year instead of buying a gift card.
Most people love something homemade to eat. I would rather get a place of cookies that someone baked with love than one of those bath gel/lotion sets.

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