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Cook In Bulk

Cooking stews and casseroles in bulk is a great way to save not only money on groceries because you'd be buying in bulk, but also it saves money on gas and dishwashing, not to mention it saves on effort having to only cook and clean 1/4 of the time you would normally do, especially nowadays that you could heat things up relatively easier with a microwave. Just cook stews and casseroles good enough for 4 meals, divide it and serve one portion and freeze the rest. If you build up enough of a stock in your freezer, you'd be able to have dinner most nights without even having to cook anymore, and if you make lots of varied dishes then you wouldn't have to worry about getting tired of any particular dish by consuming all of it in just one week.

For our family of 10, cooking in bulk is a necessity. Actually my sisters do most of the cooking now but they have learned with the help of Mom to cook things in bulk and then to properly store them for later.

Since there are so many of us we usually eat a lot of beans and since beans take a while to cook, my sisters usually make a great big pot and then freeze whatever is left over so that we can eat them later.

This has been something I've wanted to do... well, forever. :-) I want to buy a stand-alone freezer and start cooking double to fill the freezer. The biggest bottleneck is not having space for the freezer but I think we could come up with something.

I do freeze leftovers now, but that's not really like purposely cooking enough for two whole meals and freezing the second.

If you're wanting to dive in, maybe try it with a stew dish first and just cook double of what you usually make. I personally love stew that's been recooked a lot of times as leftovers, the meat gets more tender with every heating. You might also want to look into buying a crock pot if you end up liking this practice. Either way, good luck! :)

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