Does it pay to enter sweepstakes?

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Does it pay to enter sweepstakes?


There was a point in time where I spent a chuck of my morning sitting at the computer, finding sweepstakes to enter. I never won anything, so I eventually gave up. There are so many rules to read through and some scams out there that you'd want to avoid. I especially entered bridal giveaways when I was planning my wedding, but again, no wins. I once entered a drawing at a fair to win a cruise courtesy of this travel agency. I got a voicemail saying my name was chosen, but when I called back the lady said I'd have to come to some informational meeting and somehow got on the topic that it may still cost me $800. I wonder if everyone who entered was a "winner". With that said, has anybody won any sweepstakes? I know the magazine companies are always having them. How much time do you put into entering?

I have won a lot of small items from sweepstakes, like CD's , books, movie tickets.
Sometimes you win a few small items, sometimes you win nothing for months.
Contests are one of those things, like couponing, that have been ruined by too many people doing it. I used to have better luck with contests in the early 2000's before everyone jumped on the bandwagon and the odds got worse.

I'm on hiatus from entering until I move because I don't want to deal with any mail mixups.
When I used to enter regularly, I did it for fun, because the amount of time that some people spend entering isn't worth the t shirts and Frisbees that they sometimes win.

I don't trust any of these personally. Most of them are just bait and switch operations just to get your email address and other information so they can sell it off as leads to other companies, opting you into all kinds of trials and other stuff without your knowledge.

You definitely have to be careful about the sweepstakes sponsored by magazines.
I have won a couple of small items from magazines, but if you don't click the box to specify that you want to enter without subscribing, you end up with an unwanted subscription to a magazine and a bill.

I agree, especially today when everyone out there is trying to get your personal information, you have to be careful what you give away. That actually happened to me once, ACS.APA, I accidentally subscribed myself and my grandma (whoops) to MAXIM magazine when I thought I was signing up for a freebie. I lived with my mom and both her and my grandma were embarrassed and wondering why the heck MAXIM was showing up in their mailbox. I told them it was my fault (I think it was a free trial, luckily) and called and cancelled after a few months. It was awkward!

I used to enter Publisher's Clearing House until I got tired of the magazines piling up. I think it is hopeless for most people to win anything.

For me, it pays, yes. I first won a contest a few years ago from a state newspaper and it got me thinking about entering some things online. So I started that and entered blog contests. I win pretty regularly... I don't enter for things I don't want. Actually I just enter for cash, gift cards, and Amazon codes. :-)

I don't, and wouldn't, enter the biggies with thousands and thousands of entries. The giveaways that bloggers offer have chance to get multiple entries and are mostly low traffic.

Now that said, I *did* enter a few bigger ones in the past and my only win from those was a $1,000 shopping spree, so definitely worth it, but I still don't have the time to do those. The blogger ones mostly use Rafflecopter now and they are extremely easy to enter. My latest win was a $25 Subway gift card...can't beat a free family dinner!

Well, it pays to enter the sweepstakes sometimes I guess. Winning is totally by chance. The frequency of at which people join only adds to the chances that they will win per draw but it doesn't mean that people who seldom enter have less chances. If you have extra money that won't hurt go ahead and join. My father has won small prizes by joining sweepstakes but since he joins regularly and loses regularly, I think the expenses vs. wins just balances out.

It's worth it if you don't completely rely on it. Getting a few surprise winnings now and again through sweepstakes and lotteries is still very much enjoyable, and should just be treated as such an activity because people tend to obsess over it and I believe that's when it becomes a chore.

Sweepstakes are fun but I don't think anyone should get caught up in them. It become a bad addiction that can really do more harm than good.

I see all kinds of blogs dedicated to signing up for sweepstakes and people claim to have won all kinds of stuff (not just a few times but they say they've won A TON of stuff) and I have no idea how they do it. Maybe they're just lying about it? Who knows?

I've signed up for plenty of contests before and never won anything. I don't really bother anymore unless it's something I really, really want.

I'm waiting until I get settled in another apartment before I start entering contests again, because it can take you months to win or receive a prize, so after you move, 4 months later someone else might receive your book or CD.

I feel like you have to look at this like anything else. You have so much time in your day and what you chose to do with that time is going to reap something. You just don't know what that something is. Its a risk/reward kind of thing.

I could spend the first few hours of my day working on something where I'm promised to make around 22 - 27/hour.

Or, I could spend my first few hours of my day working on something where my pay out could be much greater.

I don't put Publisher's Clearing House into this though, because now they are all electronic you don't have to get magazines or anything like that, but in a sweepstakes lets say I spend 45 hours and I win $5000.

 By the same numbers above my hourly rate at 45 hours will only net me around 998. However, I'm guaranteed that 998.

I like sure things when it comes to money. If you put 45 hours in and your return is little or nothing that'd break my heart and wallet.

That''s true. I've known of people who spent several hours a day entering contests and won t shirts and keychains. If they had worked during those hours, they could have earned enough to buy many, many t shirts instead of trying to win them.
Contests are a fun hobby but only retired people should put a lot of time into them because a payout is not guaranteed.

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