Go To The Grocery On A Full Stomach And Save Money!

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Go To The Grocery On A Full Stomach And Save Money!

Never do your grocery shopping while you are hungry otherwise you will end up buying everything that looks yummy. I noticed that I get more junk food when I shop hungry. For the last 2 months I have made it a point to go to the grocery on a full stomach. Notice how your grocery bill will go down when you go and buy your groceries on a full stomach. Mine did. :)

This. This is so true, i can't tell you how many times i've made the mistake of going hungry to the grocery store. Always go full. And if you aren't full, it's in your best interest to pick up a granola bar or something while you're shopping.

If I go full to the grocery store, I don't buy anything. Nothing looks good. I HAVE to go hungry. LOL I realize this advice probably works for most people but after 30 years of grocery shopping, I need all the motivation I can get to get out there and buy things. I know my husband appreciates it more if I was hungry when I shopped.

This is good advice because when I go shopping hungry, all the chips and cupcakes are suddenly irresistible to me and I want them all. One time I went shopping while hungry and bought 3 different flavors of chips.

When I go to the supermarket full, I find it easier to stick to my shopping list and concentrate on the items I have coupons for.

My local grocery store is notorious for having samples upon samples out in their isles (especially on the weekends). I can go in hungry and grab samples all down the isles and basically eat lunch on the store! However, if I am going to a shop different than this one, I totally agree. I've been bad at planning ahead lately and have found myself shopping before lunch and end up splurging on way to many goodies. It was so bad one time that once I got in the car I quickly searched for my fresh new box of chocolate doughnuts and dug in on the drive home. Shame on me!

An empty stomach+money+a store full of food=lots of unnecessary spending

I can't agree more, though. Always go shopping for any kind of food when you're not hungry or you'll buy anything that looks good, which could ruin a healthy diet and your wallet. And it is a good idea to stick to a list too, or just have an idea of what you're there for.

This is some of the best advice. I always notice that when I go to the grocery store hungry, I overspend and over shop. However, if I go on a full stomach, I don't do hardly any impluse buying, but if I am hungry everything looks good and I have to have it.

LOL... You must be really tired of grocery shopping already. 30 years is a long time! Well, if it works for you then by all means shop when hungry :)

I have found that it is not good to shop when I am hungry either. Not only does everything look like I have to have it, the main things that look good to me are the bad junk food types of food that I especially do not want to be buying or eating. Never, ever have I looked at a cabbage or a bunch of broccoli and been overcome with the desire to gulp it down !
The other side of that, is that I do not do well at shopping when I have eaten a meal either, then I will only get a few items, and go home with out half of what I need. So, what I try to do, is have a light meal, let it wear off a bit, ad then go shopping when I am neither starving or stuffed, and I can make good decisions about food.

This happens to me too. Whenever I go grocery shopping when I'm full, I end up passing up a lot of stuff that I later on regret not buying. :D Still, it does end up saving me a lot in the end.

Same here... I'd rather go grocery shopping when I'm hungry or semi-hungry. If I'd just eaten, I'll most likely stand there and think "ugh, I don't really want that" and then I'll be going back to the store later in the week. :-)

I tried this and amazingly it worked! I guess it's the psychological effects of having a full stomach! An interesting way to save money, no doubt.

LOL. Well, I'm happy to read about everyone's experiences with this. I always just assumed that I'm the only one making such a big fuss about something so trivial. :D Fortunately for us we get to hear about these things so we have decades of experience to learn from our members here.

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