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Keep Trying Out New Products

I know a lot of us here have probably developed some brand loyalty through the decades of us shopping at stores, but we have to remind ourselves sometimes to try other brands from time to time too. First of all, it really doesn't cost that much, most of the time, to buy one item of a new brand just to try it out, and sometimes we discover something great and hopefully cheaper.

This applies to more expensive items too, however. Most of the time, we buy the average priced products throughout our lives, never giving the more expensive products a shot, which sometimes ends up being more cost efficient, or at least more satisfying, at the very least.

Interesting points, You will never know how good something is or isn't unless you try it for yourself.

Yup! It takes a lot of trial and error to get a good rough list of brands that you will keep on buying presumably throughout your life, but it's good to keep the trial going as some better brands might emerge in the future.

I think one example of this is cleaning products. They are constantly coming out with new cleaning products that perform better than some of the old products.
I never would have tried the Dirty Jobs line of cleaning products endorsed by Mike Rowe if they hadn't sent me some coupons. The Dirty Jobs all purpose cleaner is really good and I like it better than good old Formula 409.

If you don't try new products now and then, you'll never know what you're missing.

One of the major incentives for me to try new products is receiving high value coupons so that I can try it out. I think that's a good move for manufacturers because it's the way to assure a strong customer base.

I love trying new food products and do that constantly, but when it comes to household and cleaning items, I'm much more likely to try something new if there's a good coupon incentive that will make the price comparable or less than my usual brand.

Cleaning products are one thing I won't skimp on because in most cases the discount brands are nothing but a bunch of water. This is especially true with laundry detergent and floor cleaner.

I've also noticed this with stuff like body wash and shampoo. I picked up a bottle of White Rain brand body wash at a local store that sells everything for $1. It poured out of the bottle like someone took regular body wash and filled it half with water and shook it up. It's not saving me any money if I have to use twice as much of it vs. the other brand I was using.

How well I know this! I've had shampoos where a quarter of the bottle ended up on the shower floor with first use because it was so thin and came whooshing out of the bottle when I tipped it. And dish detergent, same story.

Now, I don't buy the most expensive shampoo, but if I need six bottles of the $1 stuff to last as long as the $5 bottle lasts, I'm actually spending more and not less.

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