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Longest Lasting Item

What is the longest lasting item in your house right now? What is the one thing in your house that you have had ever since you can remember? I am sure that everyone here has at least one extremely old object in their household. Mine is a wall hanging, which I have had since my childhood. I wouldn't trade it for anything (well, a million dollars actually might do the trick :D ). It brings back a lot of memories for me so I keep it close to me and easy to view and see at all times. What about you guys?

If you mean the oldest item in the house, mine would be a an extremely antique book, one of the oldest. And my daughter has a Roman coin.

If you mean something that is more current, I have my great grandmother's jewelry box and that's a real treasure to me.

I've we're talking about things I still use it's probably my whisk. It's been in our house longer than I have, I think it was a wedding gift for my parents about 30 years ago.

if we're talking oldest thing I think it's a russian bond from somewhere in the 1800's we would among the belongings of my recently deceased grandparent

The bed that my husband used when he was a little boy is now being used by my eldest son. My husband is 43 years old and the bed is 40 years old. Of course the mattress has been changed several times but the bed is very strong. It even has its original paint! We don't want to repaint it because that's history right there. My son doesn't mind using a bed that looks old. With its current mattress, it is very comfortable.

That's a great question. We have a lot of items in our home from years and years ago. My mother was heating up some soup the other day in this glass bowl we've had for at least 12 years (we've lived in the US for 13 years) and it suddenly broke because of the heat. My mother said she must've jinxed the bowl because she remarked on how long she's had it the day before it broke.

Long - lasting items are useless unless they are linked to some family traditions. Otherwise, we become slaves of items. For example, if you buy expensive furniture and want to change it in one year you would hesitate because of the amount of money you have invested!

Up until just recently, I've been taking my childhood dresser with me everywhere I've moved over the past 10+ years. I don't know what I was always holding out for, I guess it was just the other bills I was focused on that I kept putting off getting a new bedroom set, but I finally did and got rid of the old dresser.

My oldest items are my Prince vinyl LP's and my Saturday Night Fever soundtrack vinyl LP.
I don't really have any heirlooms from my childhood and don't have any happy childhood memories either. My old records from when I was 10 years old are the oldest things I have.

I have a couple of working sewing machines from the 50's and the dining room set was inherited and I think it is from the 40's. The thing I use the most is a toastmaster convection/toaster oven from the 70's that still works great!

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