Loyalty Cards Go A Long Way

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Loyalty Cards Go A Long Way

Much money can be saved eventually by being vigilant in having stores swipe your loyalty cards every time you purchase something. When you are out of cash and you need to buy something, you can go ahead and get it for as long as your loyalty card has enough points. I have gotten "free" medicine, items from a bookstore and groceries by using loyalty cards.

Yeah, you're absolutely right. It has been really great for me, since I always try to get loyalty cards and really stock up on points and groceries when I go shopping. I usually get small items of food for free with those points, and maybe sometimes even a pleasure item. It may seem as though you are getting very little cash back, but do it for a couple of years and you will have a nice little cache of cash back.

Agreed. We have loyalty cards for groceries and our local mall, and it's saved us a lot through the years of our use of it, and it's also great that we get to accumulate points in exchange for rewards o top of the discount we already get. I try to get loyalty cards whenever they are available, especially if they don't come with an initial fee.

I agree loyalty cards are a great way to save. I have one for pretty much every store I shop at. If only Amazon had one that wasn't a credit card. Then I'd have all my bases covered.

I love receiving discounts and credits at different stores. It helps the budget.

I wish my local supermarket had a loyalty card. Of course, just my luck, the store that has a good loyalty card program is inconveniently far away.
Right now ,the only loyalty card I use is CVS Extracare bucks.

I always remember to use my card... and if I use the self checkout, it asks for my card, so even if I would have forgotten, that would remind me.

Sure wish WalMart would have loyalty cards. It wouldn't make sense for other things, but I do buy 90% of the groceries there and that would be a nice perk.

I've started using the CVS Extracare card about a week ago and so far I have received discounts prices and a free roll of paper towels! You just scan the card at the CVS store and the coupons print out of the machine!

I also use a Winn Dixie rewards card which gives me a big discount on sale merchandise. I don't spend a lot at Winn Dixie but they also have a gas rewards program that will allow you to receive discounts on your gas purchases. I think you have spend a lot of money to make that one worth while and I have a small 2 person household so I passed on that program. I have signed up at all the grocery stores I frequent so that I will receive information about upcoming sales and specials. I will report back later if I see that any of these things pay off well.

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