Make Sure Your Car Tires Are Filled

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Make Sure Your Car Tires Are Filled

I had heard that keeping your tires filled with air as much as possible helps save on gas, and from my experience, I might have to agree. I honestly have made no scientific research on it, but I could feel my car dragging on a bit when the tires aren't as well maintained as they should be, and I bet it affects fuel consumption. Anyone else with more knowledge on this care to chime in?

I keep being reminded that this is very important and yet it seems like one of those things that are very easy to overlook.

Actually there are a number of things with vehicles that people often forget... like regular oil changes that are supposed to happen *before* there are problems. :-)

Keeping a car in top shape with routine maintenance will surely save money in the future and prevent expensive repairs.

This is true. We always keep our cars well maintained as well, and have made our cars live out most of the counterpart versions of our neighbors. It's a lot to keep up with, though, I'm tempted to say it's almost like keeping track of a human child, but of course not right? :D

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