Re usuable fabric softener idea.

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Re usuable fabric softener idea.

I read this little tip online, and wanted to pass it on I to everyone here, and it seems like a really great idea to me.
You will need 2-3 small sponges from the dollar store, cut them into halves. Find a container with a lid that will seal on tight, and mix one cup liquid fabric softener with 2 cups of water, in the container.
Add the sponge pieces, and let them soak up the liquid. When you are ready to dry your clothes, take one sponge piece, and squeeze out the excess water, and put it in the dryer with the clothes. It will work just like one of the little dryer sheets does, and afterwards, you just put it back in the container to re absorb the fabric softener again.
As you use up the softener, you can just make another batch, so you will always have fabric softener ready to use.

This sounds like an interesting idea. What would prevent it (even though the excess water was squeezed out) from getting against the clothing and blotching them with fabric softener color since the sponge would still be wet?

For something even cheaper, supposedly if you make several large balls of foil and toss those into the washer they will work like fabric softener. No chemicals, and environmentally friendly!

I think this is a pretty good idea. I would definitely try it out when I have the time.

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