Save On Coffee By Mixing Brands

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Save On Coffee By Mixing Brands

My husband and I have to have our morning coffee and as everyone knows, it isn't cheap. We prefer the name brand for our coffee and will get that when it is on sale or have a coupon. We came by this saving tip by accident yesterday. We were running low on coffee and we found a smaller can of dollar general brand decaf in the cabinet. I had bought the decaf awhile back to drink at night, but I had hardly used any of it. We took the decaf and poured it in and mixed it with our regular brand. We are drinking it this morning and it tastes just fine. Plus we are cutting down on our caffeine consumption as well. So by mixing the cheaper brand with the name brand, we can make it last longer for less money.

This is great! Using an extender is definitely one of the best tricks to saving. It's even applicable to food, when you find the right recipes to cook with. There are a lot of tutorials out there that feature great ways to increase the amount of your food without sacrificing taste, as you do with your coffee. :) Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

:-) I like this idea in general, but I know for a fact that it wouldn't work in my household. How do I know that? Because I've tried it and got busted. :-)

I hate wasting things... so I had this teeny tiny little k-cup of a flavor variety I just couldn't tolerate. I decided that since I make a whole pot of coffee for my hubby, I'll just add that MINISCULE amount of the k-cup coffee to the scoop after scoop of our regular brand that goes in the large pot. I mean I'd not be wasting it, and come on, who'd ever know?

ONE SIP later it was "what did you did different with the coffee this morning?" :-) Excellent idea to mix coffees, though... as long as you don't live with a total coffee snob. hehe

Mariposa, that is hilarious. Too bad that it didn't work for you. It was a good plan, gone bad. I know, some people are very particular about their coffee. I like some better than others, but if it gets me going in the morning, I don't really care too much about what it tastes like.

I drink coffee for the caffeine and the energy. When I can afford good tasting coffee ,it's a bonus but if I can't, I buy a brand at Walmart called Master Chef that is literally $2.00 for a can. I've mixed it with more expensive brands when I was running out.

The Walmart Great Value coffee is actually decent quality for the price because it uses Arabica beans so it tastes smooth and doesn't have that burnt flavor. It's about $2.89 a can.

This is a really great idea. I've been packing to move and found a cheap brand of coffee that neither of us liked but had to settle when money was tight.I don't like to waste anything either so, I am going to gradually incorporate this coffee with our regular more expensive brand. I'm hoping he doesn't notice, like Mariposa's hubby. I'll let you know how it turns

I hope you have better luck with that, too, blueeyes. :-) I would have never gotten away with it with the kcups I had to toss a few days ago. It was "extra bold" and I simply couldn't tolerate it. I can drink a lot of coffees, both good and bad, but that was totally wicked! No way to "save" those things... it would have ruined even the nastiest coffee.

I do this as well. I totally LOVE flavored coffee ( raspberry chocolate.....YUM ! ), and my husband only likes pain old coffee, which he drinks straight black. Since the flavored coffee is so expensive, I mix it in a special container with some of the regular coffee to make it last longer, and then Hubby gets the container with plain coffee.
Instead of making a pot of coffee in the morning where I HAD to use only straight coffee, now we have one of those little Black and Decker single serving coffee makers. That way we can each have as many cups of whatever kind of coffee we want.
The BD has a little built-in place for the grounds, so we can save money by using plain coffee and not have to buy the expensive little cups for it.
So it is a win-win situation all the way around, and I would recommend the BD pot as well.

Wow, what a good idea...I am a coffee addict and would have never thought of this! My husband is all fancy and has his own coffee press...which he uses daily. He's very particular about his coffee and likes it a certain way, where I'm more lenient because I always throw a ton of creamer and sugar into it. I also have a Keurig single cup coffee maker and have one of those holders for the grounds so you can use whatever coffee you want, instead of buying the expensive's so nice!

This is part of the reason I switched to tea. It's much cheaper than coffee for me, since I often don't finish the whole pot and end up throwing some of it out.

You could have broken open the K cups and scattered the coffee grounds on your plants or made an exfoliating body scrub with the grounds.

Frugal people know that most items have a second use. I drink a ton of coffee so at this point I've gotten used to using coffee grounds for other things.
A bowl of coffee grounds absorbs bad smells from the refrigerator.

My husband and I are also self-proclaimed coffee snobs. We don't mix expensive brands with cheap brands, nor do we mix decaf with caffeinated, but one way we've extended the life of our coffee is to buy whole bean only and to grind it just a little finer than normal. We can use fewer beans and still get a pretty strong flavor this way.

Right now we buy 8 O'Clock coffee most often, which frequently is on sale with a coupon. But about 4 times a year, the premium store brand goes on sale for buy 2 get 3 free, and I buy the limit. Coffee lasts a pretty long time when stored in a cool dry place, and when you buy whole bean, it stays much fresher over time.

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