Save Money on Birthday Parties?

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Save Money on Birthday Parties?

In my family we are 10 brothers and sisters and that means lots of birthday parties. And lots of birthday parties can end up costing quite a bit of cash.

So I was wondering if anybody had any smart or helpful tips on how to save money on birthday parties.

How can you cut the cost of a birthday party down a bit while still ensuring the birthday person has an enjoyable time?

I'd suggest looking into some DIY decorations, if you're one to put them up. Buying ready made ones from the store will definitely turn out to be a lot more expensive, plus if you make it as a group/family, it counts for a good time to bond and will make for excellent memories. As far as food goes, just do some research for some cool party foods that are simple to make but will impress your guests, then just find a source for as much of the ingredients you can find in bulk so you could buy them at a cheaper price. This, I'd say would be especially applicable for items that you will consistently be needing for each of the 10 birthdays. Good luck!

I am one of 4 kids in my family, and now that we are all grown and have spouses (and some of us have kids) we did away with birthday gifts and Christmas gifts each year.

Now, we each take just one family in succession (it goes down the line of age each year) so that we are only responsible for one (extended) family each Christmas. The presents suddenly became much better when each of us only had to focus on one, instead of three sibling gifts.

Birthdays in my family have always been chill. If we are geographically together, we'll go out for a nice dinner and maybe buy each other drinks afterward. Otherwise, right now a phone call counts. A card in the mail is like a double bonus.

For Mother's Day and Father's Day and our parents' birthdays and anniversaries, we've sort of notoriously just had one kid send a gift and sign everyone's names. There hasn't been much rhyme or reason to it. Whoever remembers just does it and sends out an email saying its done.

Honestly, now that I'm married and have 3 kids, my own immediate family is enough to worry about with gifts throughout the year.

In a family with 10 kids I'd say you need to get off the party and gift-giving tradition, and start something new.

We generally don't do birthdays in my family, other than some cards with a little money in them. As old as we are all getting these days, it's more depressing than anything, anyhow, lol.

Making cakes from scratch is always a nice touch and it's inexpensive. You could also cook them a home cooked meal for a fraction of the price. You can recreate a steak house quality meal pretty cheaply aside from the steak itself.

I agree with this, I personally would prefer a smaller party that was made with homemade food and decorations over a grand one with lots of commercially bought products. I think it's best to make birthday parties as personal as possible, since it's the best way to make sure that the most important thing is being celebrated, which is the celebrant, and not the products.

I prefer DIY cakes and decorations. I think I must have saved thousands by now over the years simply because my sister and I love making our own decorations and we even bake the birthday cake and do all the cake decorations by hand. It's definitely more time-consuming but it does help us save up a lot.

Ditto on home baked treats and diy personalized cards.

If you are not crafty you can often find gently used party decorations at thrift stores because people do not hold on to them as a rule. You can establish one box to keep and reuse your decorations from year to year and that will save you a lot of money. Same for gift wrapping paper and bows. You don't want a lot of this stuff in your house but one box is not too extreme and can save money and time in the future.

Birthday parties don't really have to cost much at all. Make decorations or check the dollar stores, make the cake yourself instead of paying bakery prices, and think of activities that won't cost anything.

My family rarely had birthday parties but when we rarely did, all food was made by family members and the decorations were never elaborate or expensive.

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