Spice Up Your Instant Ramen

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Spice Up Your Instant Ramen

There's no doubt about it, instant ramen is one of the most loved quick food items for anyone on a budget, and sometimes even those who aren't. But it does get old really fast, even with the hundreds of different flavors you can buy it in. So I suggest if you're a college student, or just someone saving for a while, to buy some ramen in bulk and look up some recipes on the different things you could do to it and put in it. I've personally tried putting in cabbage, sausages, eggs, and green onions, and it always comes out great because the ramen is great in itself already. Do you guys have any favorite spiced up instant ramen recipes?

I found this one on Pinterest: Asian Ramen Salad {Makes about 12 servings} You will need: 2 bags of coleslaw mix 3 packages of Chicken Ramen Noodles - set the seasoning packets aside 3 green onions, diced 1 1/2 cups slivered almonds (or whatever close amount you can find) 1 stick of butter ,1/2 cup canola oil 1/4 cup salad vinegar 1/3 cup sugar flavor packets from Ramen noodles (3 of them)

The full recipe and link is below:


Hmmm.... I am not sure how good Ramen noodles are for you but boy do I like them!

Usually I add some chile powder and other spices to change the flavor of my Ramens up a bit.

Of course, I usually end up with a few tears in my eyes but it is worth it! :)

That actually looks pretty good, thanks for sharing! I honestly never use them to make anything other than noodle soup, but seeing this has inspired me to give it a shot. After all, if I mess up, at least ramen noodles aren't that expensive.

You can also make ramen foo young by mixing your cooked ramen with scrambled eggs and bean sprouts to make a little omelet and then making the brown sauce to go over it. The recipe for that is on Pinterest too. I have a whole board devoted to ramen.

Great ideas to make it tastier. I like it. Thank you very much.

Hah. This is funny. I often do ramen noodles with spaghetti sauce. They cook so quickly, it is an easy/different lunch.

I also sometimes throw in whatever chunks of leftover meats and veggies I have in the fridge.

Otherwise, I think Ramen is just one of those cyclical things. I go on a binge, I get sick of it for a while, then I can't get enough of it again.

Now there's something I never got into eating, even in the "lean years." Maybe it's different now, but years ago the sodium level of the Ramen packets was through the roof and trading health for saving a little money was never worth the tradeoff.

I guess I could have tossed the "hypertension packets" of sodium laden spices out and used the noodles "plain" for other dishes, but I hadn't thought of it then. :-)

I've seen this one around online, and I have been meaning to try it, thanks for reminding me! I'm buying bean sprouts this week for sure. :)

We have instant spaghetti here that's pretty much the same, instant noodles with a packet of spaghetti sauce. It's a little bit weird, I have to admit, some might say it's very weird, but I personally love it. :)

Also, I'm the same way, I like to binge too and get the cravings over with too, not just with ramen though lol.

I do this all the time and it's great! Boring old instant ramen to a delicious ramen dish. Thanks for sharing!

The noodles are only 16 cents a packet and there's no law that says you have to use the salty spice packet. I've made versions of lo mein and stir fry with ramen noodles.

Thank you for confirming that, ACSAPA... yes, that's what I thought, and I could for sure use the noodles in other dishes. I'll be looking into that. I suspect they're more than 16 cents here... I'm not sure I can get anything for under a quarter in any of my stores, but it would be a great discovery if I could!

Am I the only person here who enjoys eating just the noodle bricks raw?

I've never tried this but I heard getting velveeta cheese and mixing it with boiled ramen noodles that have been strained make a decent macaroni knockoff.

I used to do this as a kid, and my nephew does this a lot now too. However, I now prefer ones that are specially made to munch on instead of ones that are actually meant to be cooked. :D I've never been sure if that was okay, and at least with the specialized ones I can be sure.

You may be the only one, yes. :-) hehe JUST kidding! Seriously I've never heard of this but my first thought was to ask you if that doesn't (1) hurt your teeth and gums and (2) get stuck in your throat if they're so hard?

I like to add a pinch of Indian Madras curry or garam masala to my ramen to give it an extra spicy boost. The variety of ways you can make ramen is amazing and you never really get tired of cooking it.

I went grocery shopping this morning and must have reminded myself a dozen times on the drive to remember to pick up some of these noodles to see what I could do with them "plain" without the spice packet.

Looking forward to finding more things to do with them... sure wish I wouldn't have walked right past that aisle and forgot totally about it. Old habits die hard. :-) I'll have to be sure to add them to my paper list next time.

Eggs sound like a great idea. I usually just add a bag of frozen peppers and onions, or some frozen stir fry mix. I always keep soy sauce, fish sauce, and sesame oil on hand, so I use those in place of the packets.

Okay, I made it a point to pick some Ramen up when I was out yesterday... so let the experimenting begin. :-) I had to get a 6-pack and it amounted to 30 cents a pack (at the cheapest store) but it's certainly an inexpensive meal.

I'll probably start today for lunch with a piece of salmon leftover from last night. It won't stirfry well, but I'm resourceful and will come up with something. :-)

I just realized something... since I paid $1.80 for a 6-pack, I think considering the amount of noodles involved, it may actually be less expensive to buy a bag of store brand pasta with the same amount of noodles for less money. Is this more for convenience in your case (anyone who uses them) than saving money? I will still be thrilled to try them because of the convenience, but a huge bag of my store brand noodles is 98 cents.

My next item of business will be to see if I can find some of those 16 cent packets that ACSAPA mentioned... now *that* would be a nice savings. Wonder if Aldi or Save-a-Lot sells generics of Ramen? Anyone know?

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