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Swap Services With Friends

I usually swap services with my friends to save both of us some money. I think it works great, as none of us have really complained so far. For example, I have a graphic designer friend that I often offer babysitting services to in return for a few designs for whatever I'm needing at that time, and pulling deals like this off is beneficial for both parties because he gets to go out with his wife and I get to keep my business running without having to risk further expenses.

Do you guys do this with your friends as well? Tell us your stories and tips!

I think that swapping services like that with your friend is a good idea but you must be careful in doing so.

You should never just do something for them on their promise to do something for you later on because it may never happen.

Make sure when you do something like that, that you make it an even swap.

Definitely! I'd only ever swap with those I feel comfortable with, and the fact that they trust me with their kids shows how much we do trust each other. Great point, though, you should be as mindful as you can be when it comes to this.

I've never done this... well, not on a level that it was "agreed on" anyhow. If I do something for someone (like hair cutting I just mentioned in another thread) they'll often do something for me, too. Not because of any "official" agreement, but just because it's nice to give back when someone does something for you.

We have definitely made this work to our advantage in many areas.

We've never paid for babysitting, but are definitely in the habit of tradesies on that (or simply giving/accepting babysitting as a gift).

My husband is a solo attorney. It is common in his industry to offer services on contractual bases with other professionals. In many ways, a referral is worth more than a simple payment. Most attorneys end up sending business to others and receiving it from other attorneys based on their areas of expertise.

All of it depends on the risk factor. When dealing with friends, family, or even other professional contacts, a good business owner knows what kind of relationships are worth financial risk.

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