Tips for Frugal Weddings?

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Tips for Frugal Weddings?

My boyfriend and I are planning to get engaged within the next year, and are looking at wedding costs so we can start trying to save. To be honest, the whole thing kind of stresses me out because of family drama, but I'm trying to ignore that and keep my head up. I know feeding people is going to be the hardest part, and I also know that we have an uphill battle -- we both have very large families, and even restricting attendance to just the closest of our relatives, we're looking at a guest list of around 80 at least.

Anyway -- anybody have any tips?

If family drama is already starting to stress you out, maybe you should elope. Trust me, your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life but I have been in your situation where there is just too much drama and it turns your special day into a nightmare.

If you don't want to elope---- Most hall rentals offer meals at a pretty decent price. And generally it consists of salad, chicken, pasta, bread/rolls for about 10 bucks a plate. Check into the Legion halls or church halls, they are generally the cheapest. And if cost is an issue make sure you have a cash bar if there are drinkers in your guest list. The bar bill can sometimes run a lot higher than the food bill.

Good luck and congratulations on your engagement.

How about a buffet style dinner instead of individual plates? I'd imagine that would be cheaper and you wouldn't have to worry about paying for no-shows or extra guests. I'm sure decorations could easily be handmade, but it requires quite a bit of time. There are tons of wedding sites online that will let you order things in bulk (which saves you money), so you can avoid getting fifty of one thing and paying retail for it.

When I was planning my wedding I came across this really chic yet affordable style of wedding it is a late night desert only wedding and reception. The actual wedding ceremony would take place at 8pm (right at sunset, depending on the time of year)and it would be understood that only different types of deserts would be served. All of your deserts would go with your wedding color theme. If you like chocolate and espresso brown brides maids gowns you would serve various types of chocolate deserts. Or if you wanted your brides maids to wear pink you have all different types of pink cakes and berry deserts, etc. It always seemed like a cool idea to me... but my family loves to eat heavily. Seriously, they all need to go on diets, so I thought that idea wouldn't work for me at the time. But, in retrospect, I wish I had done it, because it would have been unique and beautiful,and I would have saved on the cost of the food and hourly rental charges with a wedding starting that late. And of course the main attraction (dish) is still the wedding cake. People can only eat so much sweet stuff so you really do save on the food and can put the money towards drinks.

Weddings should be exciting, though a bit stressful, the hassle must not overpower the excitement. You can schedule an afternoon wedding featuring sandwiches, finger food and coffee & tea for your reception. It must be decorated well and classy for it to not look cheap, though.
Focus on the uniqueness of the ceremony to make your wedding day memorable to all. If the families want drama, give them the drama through the ceremonies. You can also specify "no-wrapped" gifts on your invitations. This would mean that you will prefer to receive cash instead of the usual wedding gifts. This could help pay for the remaining wedding expenses or even for your honeymoon.

If there are relatives who want to have their way, you can respectfully ask them if they wish to contribute to the success of the wedding by pitching in on the expenses. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result.

My husband and I recently got married this past april. We have a son and I just graduated college amongst other expenses, so our budget was very very tight.

We had an afternoon wedding ceremony and took our outdoor pictures just before and as the sun was setting (they turned out gorgeous). We found our rental hall for a pretty good price and they had an open catering policy. That meant we could hire anybody we wanted (with their approval) to cater our event, or not have food at all. Since our reception didn't begin until 8 p.m., we had a bar (we purchased our alcohol ahead of time) and two of my aunts made delicious appetizers and desserts. We had an open bar in that two of my cousins were back there "making drinks" but were not actually bartenders. We found a DJ at a really good price and since we wanted our dancing for limited hours, he lowered his price. We had bowls of glow sticks out which were a huge hit for kids and really lit up the dance floor in a cheap way! I bought all my table linens online and am planning to resell them. I also made all my pew bows out of tulle and ribbon for the ceremony and made our table and hall decorations for the ceremony. I was big on DIY, anything I could do, I did! Even though it got a bit stressful right before the big day, it was all worth it and I liked how personal the whole thing felt.

Good luck and have fun! It goes by way to fast!

There are always huge ways to save money on weddings. And the less expensive weddings are just as nice as the extravagant "gee, this will all be over in 5 hours, bye bye 25 thousand bucks" weddings.

I'd think food would be where I'd start. Sure you could do a $20 a plate turkey and stuffing catered sit-down for all those people... or you could do what some of the best weddings I've been to have done. Just have family members contribute food like ham and chicken salad sandwiches, salads, finger foods. Even if you pay for all the ingredients for people to assemble and bring to the reception, it's going to be a LOT less than $20 a person... maybe even less than $5 a person. I think most people would be more comfortable at a "grab your own food and mingle" meal than a fancy sit-down meat and potatoes meal anyhow.

Wedding dresses and photographers can usually be less expensive, too... I'd be careful about a photographer, though. Asking a family member is fine, but their pictures may be horrible, so you'll at least want someone who knows what they're doing. Maybe even two people in case the unthinkable happens and there's a defective camera or something.

Dresses... the range of prices is so very vast, so that's a good place to start shopping around, I think. Best of luck with your wedding, whenever it happens!

Wedding costs are just astronomical these days. I had a quite extravagant wedding myself only to end up in a divorce. Ask yourself, for whom are you celebrating this occasion? We are so afraid of what others would say about us but they are never there when the going gets tough. I say invite only immediate family and close friends.

You can save a lot on a wedding dress by getting a second hand one, or even just renting one. It's a lot more practical and you don't have to fight through hoards of people in stores anymore since it can all be done online anyway.

Yes, I've known a few people who ordered their dress online and were very happy with the purchases. It usually takes a local person to do the alterations, but the cost of that added on to the cost of the dress is a lot less than it would be to buy a more expensive dress locally.

Make your own flower arrangements. There are many tutorials online on how to make various flower arrangements. Find a willing friend, family member or relative who would be willing to make them. It is cheaper to buy the flowers wholesale and buy the materials yourself. My friend loves arranging flowers and she has fixed the flowers for several of our friends weddings. Her labor, she says is her gift to the couple.

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