Who takes charge of money management in your house/

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Who takes charge of money management in your house/

Who is the one who keeps the family's finances organised in your family? Is it you, your spouse, or an elder sibling/parent. I am the one who keeps the finances organised in my house, and I have to say that I am doing a pretty good job. The family is saving a lot more now than I have put some new stipulations into place. So what about your family? Share your experiences.

I'm a single mother so I manage the finances now, but I'm still dealing with the repercussions of being in a 10 year relationship where my ex was bad with money and I made some bad choices too.

Towards the end of the relationship, I became more financially responsible but he wanted to keep up the same lifestyle so we argued about coupons and what to cut back on in order to save money.

The positive thing about being single, even though living on my own is challenging, is that I can make smart financial choices, without having anyone insisting on overspending or living beyond our means.

I myself handle the finances and budgeting. I consider myself to be the best at making budgets and sticking to them in my family, and I have a little trouble with letting go of control and trusting someone else to do a better job at handling it, especially when it comes to something as important as the family budget.

My husband loves making Excel spreadsheets to analyze everything, so he's got a monthly budget plan that he's created on there. We actually just decided to try to start saving for a vacation and we went through the charges on our credit and debit cards to see where excess spending was happening. We saw where the red flags were and talked about cutting back. So my husband is sort of the main budgeter, but we work together after he's worked with the numbers. I am not a numbers person, so he can figure that all out faster than I can. It was very helpful though to look back on every purchase we made and see what is "sneaking" into our credit cards!

I do the finance and budgeting things here... it's always been that way. I hate math and I stink with numbers, but I muddle through and that way I know that I'm not missing anything. Hubby would do fine with it, but it's just something I've always done, and I file the taxes myself, too. :-)

When I was married, I took care of all the finances and budgeting and taxes. Now I take care of my own finances and my roommate takes care of his. We don't budget our money together, so I only have to worry about myself.

I share all financial planning with my wife, I think sharing of these responsibilities is an important part of a relationship.
Hiding financial details from your significant other can lead to some serious arguments.

I manage the money of the family but since there isn't enough of it, I also find ways to earn money to sustain us. Right now I teach part time in a local college. The pay is good considering that I only teach once a week. It is really difficult to manage money when the money is not enough. There aren't very many things I can scrimp on because luxuries have been out of the budget for a very long time now.

my parents take care of the most important finances but as I am a student, I do have take care of my own personal budget during the year, making sure all ends meet at the end of each month with the allowance my parents give me each month

I manage the finances in the family, but our circumstances are different, so it is necessary. My husband is an alcoholic, and he spends almost all of his SS pension on buying his case of beer every day, so we have to live on my SS pension, which is only a little over $425 a month. It is hard to gat by on what I receive, so I have to cut every corner, and save every penny that I can to keep us afloat.
I do surveys and little things like that to get a little extra cash or a gift card that we can use for something we need.
If I didn't take care of the money, then we would be out of our home, and on the street, and I am way too old to live that life anymore.

I manage the finances for my partner and I, just simply because I am good at keeping track of the expenses versus the generated income, and knowing just how much we need each month to pay all of our bills and put some aside for emergencies or vacation funds. Besides, my partner has a horrible time at remembering when bills are due, and cannot ever remember how much they are (he tends to confuse himself), so I just kind of took over the financial end of it because I knew that at least I'd be able to look after them without worrying about whether a bill was paid or not.

We will both sit down though each month and write it all out and I make sure he knows where we stand.

I don't have a family nor am I in a relationship so I management my own money, and I believe that I do a pretty great job at it. Last year, I went through a lot and that is what makes me save and continue to management my money well.

Since I am single it's all up to moi. No arguments at all. Cheers.

Since I am single it's all up to moi. No arguments at all. Cheers.

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