Best Websites For Online Coupons???

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Best Websites For Online Coupons???

I know that there are plenty of good sites out there offering coupons but I was wondering just what sites are the best for offering coupons for online purchases?

I have seen several that offer you a rebate when you purchase the item thru them as well which sounds great as it allows you to save some money and make a little bit back at the same time.

But I just wanted to know if anybody out there has a specific favorite for getting coupons to other websites and online stores.

I use Ebates ( for all my online purchases. It isn't a coupon site, it is a cash back site. You go through them first, and then find the retailer you want, and Ebates rebates you a percent of your purchase. They also typically list any available money saving codes for each site that are current.

It is totally legit and they cut you a check when your account hits a $5 minimum. During the Christmas season, the rebates add up pretty quick. I now do the majority of my shopping online.

Other than that, is a good site for online coupon codes. And, if you just Google whatever site you are shopping, you can typically find codes for extra rebates. Many companies offer automatic free shipping for card holders (like Gap/Banana/Old Navy or Macy's, etc.), so I've found it often pays to have a credit card for each department store. And then, I've also found most sites give free shipping with a minimum purchase. I always just hit the minimum so I get free shipping, and then I return what I don't need (either to the store itself, or also with a free shipping return label).

I tried signing up for some of these, such as, but my biggest issue with them is that they are constantly bombarding my email with updates and offers all day. I've had to unsubscribe from a number of them as a result. If you do sign up for these, perhaps use a secondary email address that you only check from time to time so it does not disrupt your primary email.

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