Do You Have a Structured Coupon "System?"

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Do You Have a Structured Coupon "System?"

I'd be very interested to hear about different coupon systems that others may be using. I've seen people in the store with boxes, notebooks, binders, etc. and it always looked interesting to me, but I assumed it would take a whole lot more work than I was ever willing to put into it.

My current system is... hmmm, should I admit this? :-) Okay, I will... it's nothing more than a business-sized envelope. Clipped or printed coupons go in, and then every week I pull out those that I can use for the weekly shopping trip. I guess it's efficient enough for my needs, but I'm thinking maybe there's some kind of middle ground that would be beneficial for me?

After I wrote this yesterday, I decided that I really need to do something about my "envelope system." :-) Since today is the day that I make my menu and store list, today's the day that it will be done.

Not quite sure yet what I'll do exactly, but I know that I have a "coupon wallet" lying around in a drawer somewhere, so I think my first step will be finding it. I never even used it after I got it as a gift, but I think it's time.

I'm kind of curious about this too. I always stem between wanting to coupon and not sure it's going to make much of a difference. There apparently is some systems that require a 30 - 40 hour commitment, but I don't really need that level of stuff in my place. More like a couple months versus a couple years. Hope to hear some about people's systems.

Sometimes I have big ideas about what I could do if I'd be organized with my couponing, but what I usually end up doing is just clipping coupons for things I buy and not getting around to trying to see what I could do beyond that.

I just use coupons when i know i need a ton of groceries. I basically use them to make sure i am not spending too much money for by food budget.

From what I've seen on the Extreme Couponing show, I'd say that 40 hours is accurate. They really treat it like a sport, or even an obsession, and you probably will only get on that level if you are as obsessed and have as much time and effort to spare. They do a lot of things that I probably am not willing to do, such as one lady in one episode I saw goes dumpster diving for coupons with her kid. Fortunately it's just a paper dump, but still, I don't think I could subject my child to even spending one of their days on that, at least not as young as the one I saw.

40 hours... a week?! Well that's a surpriser for me. That's the number of hours worked in a full-time job and I can't see that being a career extreme couponer would ever bring (talking about my case only here) as much income as a full or part time job. Hmmm.... well, I can still use my 6 or 8 coupons a week and I'm happy with that. :-)