Don't Forget Manufacturer Websites

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Don't Forget Manufacturer Websites

I thought I was finished with my coupons and store list last week when I tried an experiment. There's a certain kind of fish that I buy often and it struck me that I should check their website to see if they offered coupons. I was thinking they wouldn't, but....

... They did have a coupon and a good one! I printed it but then ran out of time before I could check out more of the manufacturer websites of products I used often.

Is this something you do? And if so, have you found that many places do this, or was it just a fluke that I happened to hit one that offered coupons on their site?

Does anyone have links to manufacturer coupons?


You can check on the individual pages of things you buy as a start, but then you'll probably want to check out a place like coupons dot com (not sure if I can put a link here or not) where there are many coupons all at the same place.

Some manufacturer websites like Betty Crocker and Kraft do offer manufacturer coupons.

This is a great idea. I think most major companies offer coupons on their websites, and even more have email newsletters that send coupons bi-weekly or monthly directly to your inbox.

It is always a good idea to show loyalty online to the products you frequently use and enjoy. I've said it before, but it is worth repeating, Facebook has been another avenue to high value coupons.

I've also noticed that by "liking" my favorite brands or stores, I'm also given first glimpses into promotions, giveaways, discounts and deals. I recently "liked" my favorite local grocery store, and as a result, participated in several Facebook only promotions that ended in a few freebies. I'd have never known about them except that they popped right up on my newsfeed.

I usually check out the sites of the brands I frequently buy, not just for the coupons but for all information I could get, and of course other deals. Even if it's just an event or an announcement, I find it very interesting to see, especially when they have new products to showcase.

Although I'm the one who started this thread :-) I keep forgetting to do this. I need to remember to look at my store list when I make it every Friday and visit the websites of the brand name items on my list!

I'm thinking it would be most beneficial for health and beauty products, but I'll be checking for food as well.

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