Ever felt embarrassed while couponing

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Ever felt embarrassed while couponing

I have no problems using coupons but sometimes I find myself feeling kind of embarrassed when standing at the checkout with a bunch of coupons. At my supermarket the printable coupons won't scan at self check out so I have to go to the regular register and it never fails that it takes them forever to scan them as well and there is always a line of angry customers standing in line behind me waiting. I get uncomfortable in that situation. Anyone else?

I'm only embarrassed when "user error" (hehe that would be me!) happens. Otherwise my coupons scan really fast and they're finished in a few seconds no matter how many I happen to be using.

The things that I do that turn out to be user error are failing to see that I needed to buy two of item, or intending to pick something up and then forgetting, causing the checkout person to think I'm trying to use a coupon for something I had no intention of buying. :-) Oh, and once in a while I'll not notice that a coupon has expired, so that's a tad embarrassing, too.

Yeah I don't like when the line gets going, everyone is staring at you, and then the cashier is also getting frustrated because the coupons won't scan. For those reasons I try to go to the market when it's pretty much empty during the afternoon or at night.

The only time I have been embarrassed while couponing is when there's a line forming behind me and the cashier has to call a manager about one of the coupons because something has to be typed in by hand. That usually happens with the coupons that say "buy this and save $1 on coffee". Since it doesn't specify a brand of coffee, a manager has to enter it by hand and that's what slows down the line.

I try to mitigate the awkwardness by apologizing to the people behind me.

I used to, but I'm so over it now. I've learned when to shop, what checkers to see who give the least hassle, and even what stores to avoid. I also don't go "extreme-couponing" ever. Most of my purchases are limited to a few items, even if I have a coupon for every single one. CVS is the one store where I will do multiple transactions in the same day to use up ECB's, but otherwise, I'm a pretty tame couponer.

I also really try to keep an eye out for people behind me. If there's a guy with a drink right behind me, I'm usually pretty good about mentioning that I'm going to take a while and let him go first if no other lines are open.

But shopping during the week (while kids are at school) or after dinner has proven to be the best time for me to avoid crowds.

I sometimes feel embarrassed when I have too many coupons and the line behind me starts growing and I can hear people start huffing and puffing.

To try and avoid this I started to go shopping on slower days if I have too many coupons that week.

I usually shop later at night anyway and manage to avoid long queues gathering behind me while I wait for my coupons to be scanned! Yes, it depends, but they sometimes do take forever to scan. I would be really embarrassed if there were a line of 50 people behind me waiting for the clerk to finish scanning my coupons!

I think coupons are often a necessity nowadays and if people are going to judge us for using them (as long as we don't make too much of an inconvenience for others) then I like to think that there's nothing wrong with it.

I just can't seem to get them organized. I always end up with expired coupons.

I'm trying hard to get into the extreme couponing and whatnot. I'm trying to introduce it to the household, since I've recently decided to move back in with the parents (I'm 20), and I wanted to take up on more of the shopping and things like that. I feel like I'd get embarrassed using them. Not because I'd be using them but because I've heard that the process takes forever, and I have a panic disorder. That's the only thing stopping me from going all out with this. My heart races and feels heavy just thinking about holding up a line with this.

I know exactly what you mean! I probably wouldn't do a 100 percent extreme couponing lifestyle but I would definitely use coupons more often. I would not like to be in a situation like the one you described above!

Anyway good luck on your couponing!

As a remedy to this, I hope one day instead of using coupons, we can use coupon cards which are usable worldwide or nationwide. Imagine if you can apply for a coupon card that you can easily load with all your coupon values at home on your computer. Plus, when it expires, it will delete itself from your card and tell you by text message when it does. Also when using it to redeem your coupon(s), imagine that the only thing you have to do is present the card to the cashier to have it scanned, so that it can instantly select the right coupon to reduce your total price. This would be very neat and less embarrassing.

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