Favorite Sites to Find Coupons?

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Favorite Sites to Find Coupons?

Which site is your favorite to find coupons from? My personal favorite is Swagbucks, as they give you a whole host of savings options and coupons that you can easily print out and use to save on many practical, everyday, household items. I have also subscribed to Evergreen as well and have found it to be quite helpful as well. I try to be on top of things so as to be able to grab the chance as soon as it airs. How about you? Share your experiences.

I have printed some coupons out through my Swagbucks, but I mostly pull them from mypoints so I can get to the gift cards faster. :-) Both of those places, if I'm not mistaken, get their coupons from coupon.com anyhow, so I always get my 10 points each from Swagbucks or mypoints and never go to coupons.com directly.

I've been liking krazycouponlady. I pull up "Walmart" because that's where I get groceries and it does the work for me of matching up what's on sale with online or print coupons.

Someone mentioned forums where they talk about printables they find. I'd like to know the names of some of those because I haven't used them yet.. but only because I don't know what they are. :-)

I really would like to use coupons more than I do, but I do not have a printer. I used to shop at Kroger, and they give you a customer card, and when you want a special, the coupon is simply loaded onto your card electronically, and then when you go to the store and buy the product, and they scan your card, you get the coupon discount.
I wish that there was an all-purpose coupon card that a person could get from a website, and then just scan the coupon you want onto your card, and use it wherever you are shopping.
We have moved, and there are no Kroger stores near where I now live, so the wonderful little Kroger card is useless here.
Does anyone know of any way to use coupons without having a printer ?

I absolutely love using Swagbucks to get some coupons each month, plus it gives me Swagbucks as well which I like to use towards getting out gift cards and Paypal cash.

I have never heard of Evergreen before, I might have to check that out.

Would I be able to use: krazycouponlady, for Walmart in Canada?

I used coupons.com, the target coupon site, and krazycouponlady. The holy grail though is the printable coupon database on Slickdeals.

There's a site called Savingstar that has eCoupons that do not have to be printed or clipped and they apply them directly to your store loyalty card. They have a ton of participating stores so chances are that one of your local stores has a loyalty card that you can load these electronic grocery coupons on to.


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