How Long Have You Been Shopping With Cuopons?

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How Long Have You Been Shopping With Cuopons?

I have been shopping with Cuopons ever since I could afford to buy my own groceries.

Coupons weren't a common thing here in my area before we had digital coupons, which was just fairly recently. So honestly I've only been using them for a little over two years now. I do hope the coupon scene gets bigger here though so I could do more to flex my budget in the near future.

I used to love to cut coupons for my mom when I was little, but we didn't use them much. When I was in college and living in my first apartment, I started couponing. I only shopped at Walmart at the time, and I bought groceries for everyone, and I could typically knock about 25% off my shopping trip each time. I loved that feeling.

Then I stopped for a while.

I got back into it about 4 years ago when I was due with my 2nd child and looking at another few years of diaper investment. This is the first time I figured out how to shop sales with coupons, and to wait for the best price on my most common items.

Four years later, I'm still tracking my weekly grocery spending, and I consistently save between 20 and 30% with coupons. I also have noticed that even though my family is growing, our budget hasn't changed much, which is encouraging.

I started using coupons as soon as I was married and buying my own groceries. There were a few years that I got away from it, but then started up again. It's always great to realize how many coupons are available online now, too... much better than having nothing but the Sunday inserts as a resource.

Yeah online cuopons are a godsend. That is where i get most of my cuopons nowadays.

I used to do it years ago but have since started due to two reasons; the rising prices in my home area and the fact that I have been watching really interesting programs like "Extreme Couponing". The amount of trouble those people on the program go through to get as many coupons and for as many items as possble is amazing!

That is interesting. I would never abuse coupons at all. I would never do anything that would contribute to messing with other people's finances.

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