How Would Your Budget Be Affected If You Could Not Use Coupons?

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How Would Your Budget Be Affected If You Could Not Use Coupons?

What would your budget be like?

I would be spending 40% more a month on food, cleaning products and personal hygeine items. Since I don't have cable TV or go out much, I guess that extra 40% would affect my savings. I wouldn't be able to put anything in the bank at the end of the month.

If I wouldn't be able to use coupons, I'd shop more at places like Aldi and Save-a-Lot. I don't go there much now because the food coupons I use bring national brands at WalMart down to Aldi prices so I'd rather have the national brands if they're costing the same amount of money.

There won't be much of an effect on my budget if I wouldn't use coupons. It's quite rare in our country that coupons are available for regular groceries. I shop at the local wet market where coupons are not used.

It's in the entertainment and leisure dining expense area where I spend coupons on because these are the ones available. These are dispensable expenses. If there are available coupons for a nice restaurant meal or a spa package, then we avail. If not, we can wait for a discount offer some other time.

Much money is saved by using coupons so I can't really imagine how much tighter my budget would be. Perhaps I would have to let go of some things in order to fit every thing in.

If I was restricted from using coupons, I think I would save around 20 % of the amount i spend buying goods using coupons. This is because I occasionally find myself buying Items I really don't need because of the coupons. What do you think?

It would not change that much in terms of my budget. I like using coupons but I am not dependent on them nor is my budget dependent on them.

I have been keeping a pretty detailed spreadsheet of my weekly grocery spending, and I calculate my total before and after coupons. I do not count the sale prices as "savings" because I rarely buy thing full price anyway. But like the first poster, I am currently saving an average of 30% of my grocery budget in coupons. This for me (also) includes all food, paper products, toiletry items, over the counter medication, and cleaners.

Right now, this adds up to about $1500 over the course of a year. When I look at that number, I don't feel like I'm winning the lottery or anything, but $1500 a year for several years could mean a new car when we need it, you know? And I can say that my medicine and cleaning cabinets are stocked for at least 6 months, so that is nice. I don't "stockpile" food because I simply do not have the room, but when I see free items at a drug store, I almost always buy them. If nothing else, I give away what I cannot store.

Wow that is brilliant organizational skills on your part. I think that would be a good plan for me to try in terms of calculating everything.

I would be spending more money than I should. I have a steady income but our family is so big that I need to buy so much food and clothes. I think coupons are a good way to save money for those who have to buy a lot of stuff and for those who don't have a steady coupon :).

Coupons aren't too big of a part in our local market, unfortunately, but I do get to take advantage of very nice luxury oriented ones. So, as for my necessities, they probably more or less will remain the same, but without coupons my leisure activities will suffer a serious blow.

Yeah the same goes for me. My leisure activities are very dependent on cuopons.

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