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McDonald Coupons

Check out the newest promotion from McDonalds in Canada! You can get Half Price Fraps! Perfect for the Official First Day of Summer!

Does anyone know of any other great McDonald deals?

Right now -- in my area, at least -- McDonalds is doing its Monopoly promotion. I've never won any of the "big" prizes, but I can usually manage to get at least a little free food. Actually, Monopoly season is the only time I really bother eating at McDonalds, and even then pretty rarely.

I am not a super big fan of McDonalds but I really like it when they have their Monopoly promotion. I think it is lots of fun to buy stuff and see what pieces you can put together.

Also, every once in a while it can be kinda nice to grab a small snack from McDonalds although I don't think it is very healthy! :)

McDonald's is doing their Monopoly round again. The last time I actually won a free Cheeseburger while paying only for a coffee so I wasn't too disappointed! It's a great way to keep the kids occupied too, while they collect the monopoly stamps.

This sounds like a pretty cool program. Its just too bad that i don't eat at Mcdonald's anymore. Haha.

We used to get a lot of these at our local McDonald's after the first regular purchase. They'd usually hand us a booklet of coupons that would give savings on the next purchase, provided they are listed within the booklet. Most of them aren't too significant, but for a couple of individual items like sundaes, they are very useful.

I like when McDonald's coupons show up with the junk mail, but I go to the McDonald's closest to my home so that I can buy just the items I have a coupon for and take them home, where I have my own drinks and chips. If you buy the coupon items and then pay full price for drinks and sides, it's not really a bargain.

Yes, I really dislike those coupons that are only valid for certain special items and not for the whole set/combo meal or other regular items.

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