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Not Using Coupons

Have you ever gone through a month or months where you did not use any type of coupons?

Yes, I've had my "can't be bothered with finding the time to do this" period a few times. I'm glad I snapped out of it because it came to standing in the store one time realizing how many of the items in my cart most likely had dollar off coupons available... felt a little like flushing money down the sewer.

I was paying $4 for something that would have cost $2 or $3 just because I didn't want to take 30 seconds to clip a coupon?! NOT very wise. But I'm over it now and use them every single week!

There have been times where I was down to eating ramen and hot dogs and couldn't afford to buy products with coupons. They don't double coupons in Florida so there have been some lean times where I couldn't afford to buy brand name items, even with a coupon. So, yes, I have sometimes gone without using coupons and just bought the super cheap college student food ,like the 50 cent boxes of mac & cheese.

Actually I started using coupons regularly only a few months ago and I'm the total opposite; I have been increasing my coupon usage!

Have you calculated how much you're saving on average with coupons, BrianWolfe? (In percentage, I mean.) I haven't done that yet, but I'm curious now, so I'll probably be paying more attention to the numbers in the future.

I think I'd be thrilled with a 10% savings, but I know that many others have much higher numbers than that.

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