Things You've Used Coupons On Other Than Groceries

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Things You've Used Coupons On Other Than Groceries

I know there's a coupon for practically any product nowadays, especially when it comes to digital coupons for online shopping. I'd just like to ask our members here on what products do you usually use coupons on, and also what are some of the more obscure products that you were able to save on using coupons?

Our groceries don't really utilize coupons, so I'm forced to save elsewhere, and I usually use self print coupons to book hotel rooms and eat at restaurants to compensate the lack of ability to save in groceries. Also, I've used one or two coupons for domains.

I have used coupons at fast food joints for the most part. But other than that i would say that groceries are the main items that i use coupons for.

When it comes to online shopping, I've used coupons for clothing, toys, collectibles, and housewares.

Brick and mortar shopping... local merchants here get together to sponsor coupon booklets and those can range from clothing to restaurants, pizza, hair cuts... well, just about anything. If they want to be a part of the sponsorship, they just need to have a coupon put into the book for whatever their product or service is.

I've used a 20% off coupon to buy toys at Toys R Us and I've used coupons on markers like Sharpie and Bic Mark It. Apart from that, I mostly stick to grocery coupons.

When I'm going to be shopping at a particular place, I try to remember to look for printable coupons online before leaving. I usually forget :-) but it really does make a difference when I remember.

Like today... today I need to go to PetSmart. Now that I'm writing this and reminded, I'll look for a coupon. Otherwise I probably would have forgotten again. Last time I went there I found a coupon for 20% so it was valuable enough to take the time to look for it and print it.

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