Trying with Coupons, Take Two

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Trying with Coupons, Take Two

I started a thread last week about WalMart's machine not reading some of my coupons. They were the ones that had been printed from the computer. I'll be trying again this morning... I sure hope it was a fluke with that particular machine and not a trend that I'll be seeing. What a step backwards that would be!

Update on this... I only could use a couple of coupons this time because I didn't need a lot of groceries. As it turned out, those coupons I used weren't printed from the computer so I wasn't able to test this. I'll try again next week though... still hoping it's not going to turn into a permanent issue.

I'd like to plan a small stock-up trip, but that always involves a number of coupons and I want to be sure everything is in order again with WalMart being able to scan/accept computer printed coupons.