What Are Your Favorite Coupon Sites?

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What Are Your Favorite Coupon Sites?

I love Krazy Coupon Lady and all of the sites geared toward Target bargain hunters. What about you guys? Are there any good sites for organic coupons? Most coupons are for junk that we don't eat, which makes me sad. :(

I guess I tend to stick with the obvious: smartsource.com, redplum,com, manufacturers websites, and Facebook.

Whole Foods actually releases coupons for their store (sometimes on brand name items) every week. I'm not a WF shopper on a regular basis, but I've seen the coupons. Sometimes it is something as simple as "10% off produce," which would definitely include organic.

My best advice is to google all your favorite brands and see if you can find where they release coupons. Often, it is in subscribing to monthly email newsletters, where coupons are hidden within each month.

I use coupon sites that are tied into some of my incentive places like mypoints. Most of them go through coupons.com but when I use them from mypoints, I also get points for printing/redeeming them. The points add up rather fast for me and then I turn them in for gift cards (Walmart, Subway, etc.) or wait a little longer and turn my points in for a Paypal payment.

Besides that, I like going to the manufacturer sites to see what they're offering for coupons that week or month.

I just search up coupons on google so I get random sites. They are very helpful and saves you tons of money. Since you mentioned that website, I will probably hit it up when I want to coupon. Thanks for sharing!

Mypoints.com is a good site to get some coupons. Not only get you can get coupons from the site, you can also get points for using them at stores. The points you get on Mypoints for using coupons can be redeemed for Paypal cash and other prizes.

I just go to DealGrocer and check out what they have available at the moment. There's rarely any coupons in our area for necessities, so I just try to make up for the savings I'm not getting through saving on luxury. Fortunately, sites like these that offer coupons for luxury items and services are plentiful for us locally.

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