Where to find Coupons for Gas

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Where to find Coupons for Gas

I know they have to be out there somewhere unless they just never thought of doing such a thing but I am wondering if anybody knows where you can find coupons or discounted gas?

I don't think they have "coupons" for gas discounts, but many grocery stores have gas rewards attached to their customer rewards programs.

Kroger is a big one, but in NC, there is a local grocery store that does it as well. Basically, they offer money back at the pump. Most programs work on a basic structure where, every time you spend $100 at the grocery store, you get 5 cents off per gallon. But then there are weekly bonuses offered, like, "Purchase 10 of these products and get an extra 20 cents off at the pump," kind of deals. The main catch is that the money back at the pump is only for specific gas stations.

I think they work best when the gas station is one you'd regularly use.

For us, even when I've got 10 cents off with my grocery rewards at the featured gas station, Sam's Club is notoriously a cheaper deal at its regular price. Plus, after spending $100 in groceries, 5 cents off a gallon equates to little more than a 1% savings. I get that it is something. But it's not much.

I think a better idea is to find the best priced gas in your area using apps like "GasBuddy."

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