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Wholesale coupons

I was talking about this in another thread, but make sure to pay attention to those whole sale coupons out there. I got a name brand product that averages $3 - $4 per unit at big box stores. Walmarts and Targets that is.

I used a coupon to get 16 units (its not perishable) and paid $11 for the entirety of the package. That's just about .60 - .70 per unit. Your taking a deep discount and making it greater and its a great way to use a coupon to work for you.

Oooh, where did you find the coupon? I've never seen wholesale coupons before, clearly I'm looking in the wrong place.

Hmm... I hadn't thought of that before.

I already knew that usually you can get things cheaper when you buy wholesale but if you can also get wholesale coupons then that means you should be able to get some really great discounts on products.

I see that you said you had a coupon for a non perishable item. How easy is it to find wholesale coupons for perishable items?

I know Sam's Club and Costco send out coupons in the mail. I still don't often find the discount to be as good of a price when using a normal coupon on a smaller version of the same items.

You are good to figure out price per unit though, it is really the best way to shop. The best is to price high value coupons with small quantity (lower priced) items. This is how many of us are getting things for free, almost free, or better than free.

I've also noticed the Ibotta App has "store bonuses" which feature extra rebates at places like Costco and Sam's Club. So that might be an additional option.

CostCo sends coupons out in the mail and most of the time club stores have their coupons up front. They do a lot of sales though out the year, so learning when they are going to have something on coupon is going to save you lots of money. For example, CostCo will put out a $5 coupon for all their brand diapers. If you have a baby or are going to have a baby, now's the time to stock up because that means you might pay $14.99 for 182 diapers or $30.00 for 280 older child diapers.

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