How to Make Seven Figures Within Your Lifetime

Everyone has a millionaire fantasy, but only a small percentage of the population ever makes this dream a reality. Why is that? If you’re tired of lofty visions and ready to actually claw together a fortune, here are a few general tips for building up your bank account.

Get Out of Debt

First things first: You can’t scale piles of money with old debts dragging you down. Get on the phone and start talking to creditors to work out payment plans for what you owe. The smallest debts should be eliminated first; then you can focus on the larger ones in any order you desire. Even if you’re only able to pay a small amount each month, it’s better than nothing, and one day you’ll look up and realize that you’ve finally made the last payment. You’re free!

Understand Investments

It’s going to be very difficult to amass a fortune without investing any of your money in worthwhile pursuits. If the prospect of risking your net worth makes you nervous, slowly acclimate yourself to the world of investing by getting yourself used to high-stakes finance in general. Join a local investment club; start following the stock market and all its associated groups; read books on bonds, commodities and mutual funds.

Follow the Money

Once you’re ready to take risks and seek new opportunities, follow the money wherever it leads you. This year it might be mining gold; next year it might be buying and trading tech companies. The important thing here is flexibility. Wealthy businessman like Chairman Wes Edens dabble in everything from private equity to basketball teams, for instance.

Climb the Tier

Unless you win the lottery, you aren’t going to become filthy rich overnight. You should instead focus on slowly but steadily raising your net worth over time. For example, try to increase your income by at least 10 percent per month. By the end of the year, you’ll be making 120 percent more than you used to, and by the year after that, you’ll be 240 times richer. All you have to do is raise your income by increments.

Have Multiple Streams of Income

This is how to transform yourself from moderately successful to truly wealthy. The rich always have multiple streams of income from salaries, side projects and diversified investments, so if you’re serious about joining their number, you’ll need more than one paycheck coming in too. Not only will it bring you more money to burn, but you’ll also learn about juggling and managing your personal finances.

Never Stop Working

The popular conception of a rich person is one who lies by the poolside with an umbrella drink and never has to work for a living. The reality, however, especially among self-made millionaires, is that the work never stops for anything. The average CEO spends more than 50 hours a week at the office, and that isn’t even including all the time he’s thinking about work while officially off the clock.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you make yourself rich. A seven-figure future is within your grasp, but you’ll need to be equal parts intelligent and determined to make it happen. Do you think you can do it?