Yourself : What is doing well for yourself?

Yourself, do you know yourself well? Most likely, the majority will immediately answer: of course, yes. But is it? Note. Choose the one that suits you best from three personality types. The first type. You do not like company, you prefer silence and nature walks. Chatting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere at home makes you happier than the evenings you spend in noisy cafes. Because of this, people you know find it boring. We describe in this article what are doing well for yourself?

What is doing well for yourself?

Another type. You’re pretty frivolous; you can easily get along with people. But you indulge in too many mood swings: sometimes you are sad, sometimes too cheerful. Third type. Your acquaintances find that you are irreplaceable in the business. You have a sense of humor. You contribute to creating a good mood for others. You can have endless fun, and tell interesting stories. Now check if the type you have chosen matches what the test will reveal.

You must love yourself before you can love others. You have probably heard this saying at some point in your life. But what is it and how can you learn to love yourself? This article introduces you to the topic of self-love and gives a few suggestions on how you can get closer.

What is doing well for yourself?
What is doing well for yourself?

Doing well for yourself

  1. Do you like food with hot spices?
  2. Do you feel good in the club?
  3. Do you sometimes want to jump from joy into the air?
  4. Do you know how to keep your guests busy?
  5. Do you often have headaches?
  6. Do you ever forget to brush your teeth?
  7. Are you always in the same hairstyle?
  8. Do you like solving crossword puzzles?
  9. Do you charge?
  10. Do you often have depression?
  11. Do you enjoy working in silence, in a calm atmosphere?

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